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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

terrific tuesday ahead

Only two more days to work in this whole month! I'm so excited! So glad to have a break! It will be action packed... but still fun.

I'm sort of in a hurry up and wait mode. This whole mother of the groom thing is far too easy. I called Cody and Marquee yesterday to see if there was anything I needed to do but... really, it's all under control at this point. At church on Sunday, my sister-in-law's dad asked if I was busy with the wedding and I said, "not the least bit"... and he said, "hmmm. boy mama". He has two girls. I mean, I could almost NOT take Thursday off as I had planned but... honestly... my mind was a million miles away yesterday... I'm guessing that will only getting worse as the week progresses.

Austin didn't go to my parents' for the week so he's hanging out with his friend Zach. I took the two of them out for ice cream last night. Loving his summer.

The girls had their dance recital on Sunday. The nicest way for me to say this is that I'm now more appreciative of the top notch dance training my kids had under Miss Maggie at Georgia Youth Ballet. The senior girls at this recital were on the same level as the kids in Cody's first dance class - at 8 years old. I told Angie that if they want the girls to take ballet - it needs to be at a different school. If they're doing tap and clogging... eh, no big deal. But poor ballet training can really mess up your feet. GOOD ballet training can mess up your feet. I'm just so accustomed to the very polished and professional shows that I've been a part of. This was... well. Not. My girls, however, were SOOOO cute!

I've decided to start a Little House on the Prairie book club with the girls. We're going to read through the whole series... starting with Little House in the Big Woods. Several people have mentioned participating long distance and I'm not sure how to do that but we'll figure it out as we go along, I guess. So if you're interested, go ahead and get a copy of the book and start reading! My plans at first are to map out where the family traveled, talk about the time period they lived in (no cars, no electricity, etc) and give some background to make the story make more sense. I'm researching ideas for crafts, recipes, etc, so any ideas you have would be great.

Haven't had coffee yet... time to get brewing! Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!

More random stuff:

I sing to my cats. They seem to like it. There’s this old hymn, “all creatures of our God and king… “ I feel it has particular significance to them.
Bitty Kitty has adopted/conquered a sock that has another sock stuffed inside of it which I assume he found under Austin’s bed or in some other random place. He carries this new baby/conquest everywhere he goes. He is the oddest cat.
We have a horrible fly invasion. I’ve been cleaning like crazy, pouring bleach down the drains, keeping the trash taken out and not leaving dirty dishes out but… ugh. It was like this last summer too.
Do you read the Drudge Report? It’s one of my favorites, although, I have to admit I read it and get angry at all the stupidity in our world.
Then I go to and get angry at all the stupidity in our media.
Then I go to and realize that there is intelligent life out there.
And then I go to and begin to wonder again.
I found the camisole I needed for my M-O-G dress to keep it conservative.
The only thing left to buy is stockings and cushions for my shoes to keep them comfy. Of course, I don’t know why I need heels. Marquee’s mom is about 4’11. If that.
Our poor grandbabies are gonna be freak show short. We’re talking… their own show on TLC.
But the shoes are cute and conservative and look nice with my dress.
The magnolias are in bloom and they’re so beautiful. That only lasts a short time so I’m enjoying it.
The air around here smells so sweet – between the honeysuckle and the magnolia and the other flowering plants. You don’t realize it when you live in the suburbs – how sweet the air can smell.
I had this feisty old lady come in this morning to talk to D. She was feisty on the phone with me yesterday and she apologized for that this morning. I told her if that was the worst thing that happened to me yesterday, it would have been a good day.
It wasn’t the worst thing. But the worst wasn’t all that bad. It was still a good day.
I had watermelon for breakfast which means I’ll go to the bathroom thirty eleven times this morning. It was still worth it.
I also have pineapple yogurt and pineapple chicken to eat today which was poor planning. I’m allergic to pineapple. The fresher, the more allergic. Frozen and preserved in yogurt are mid-range. I could do one but probably shouldn’t do both.
I love pineapple.
I think I’ll go to the library on lunch… brush up on my Laura Ingalls knowledge for our book club.
Our feisty old lady was so sweet and precious when she left. D was able to help her with the issue she had and she left grateful. We do good work.
I just bought a birdhouse from a vendor who stopped by the office.
Good times.


Anonymous said...

I love the Little House books ~ still my all time favorite series! Natalie and I found this website that had some fun stuff associated with the books: Be sure to click on the Links tab for more fun into. Another website that has fun games and stuff is You can take a quiz to see what Little House girl you are most like - the girls will probably get a kick out of that. Through that website I found that there are other series for Laura's mom Caroline when she was a girl and Caroline's mother as well ~ I'd like to read those.

Anonymous said...

oh i wanna join the book club! That sounds awesome! And i'll talk to jorjanne and faith to see if they wanna join too! And as far as the long dinstance thing goes there always skype! And i think we should deffently have a facebook group! I can make one for you if you want me too! :-) love you! -stasha

Anonymous said...

A little old lady who lives down the road from us uses those fly traps (? not sure if that is the right word) that hangs up and the flies attach to the adhesive on the trap. Our Walmart actually sells them ~ you're rural now, your Walmart might have them, too. :) Kinda yuck, but they apparently work. Then you don't get fly guts all over the place by using a fly swatter, which is even more yuck.