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My People
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

thankful thursday

Good morning, y'all! Such a bright and beautiful Thursday is dawning... this week is flying by and I'm tired but peaceful. Love this peaceful feeling I've had this week...

Angie and Todd Smith - she of the blog Bring the Rain and the book, I Will Carry You... he of the Christian music group Selah... are the proud parents of their fifth little girl. I have shared Angie's story several times with you... their little girl Audrey was born with multiple problems that were "not compatible with life". She lived only two hours. Baby Charlotte was born five weeks early due to some liver problems that mom was having (similar, it sounds, to what you had, Mary) but she is beautiful and perfect... fearfully and wonderfully made. It's so incredibly to see this blessing after all their suffering two years ago.

Yesterday was a long day... I worked a full day (instead of leaving early like I normally do on Wednesdays)... then rushed to get to church in time to eat dinner and attend the AWANA Commencement service. Angie had picked up Austin and fixed a plate for me so that I could work later, which was fine but I wouldn't want to be rushed like that every week. I barely had time to talk to anyone, other than about two minutes with my friend Natalie, a hug from Stasha and whispering with Angie during the service... the girls were cutie-patootie... got their little awards and we arrived home a little before 8. That's a 12 hour day. Oy.

Today is Jamie's pre-k graduation... and again, I'll go straight from work. Jamie is bummed that I won't have time to get Austin first. She LOVES her Auggie! This is one of those little bonus things that I would miss if I wasn't so close by... not a big enough deal to travel a long way to see it... a big enough deal that I want to be there.

Man. Time is flying this morning.

Cody went to the tux rental place yesterday and we were able to work out a deal on a modified outfit for Austin. It's going to be a little under $100 ... he'll still look nice but won't be matchy-matchy with the expensive wedding party outfits. And... that saves me from having to rush around trying to find his wedding outfit this weekend. All I have to do is finish the accessories for my outfit, get my eyebrows waxed and we're set. 8 days away!

Austin's last day of school is tomorrow. He only has half days today and tomorrow. He just came back in from the bus stop because he wanted to take a book to one of his teachers... it's a used book, one he really liked that he thought she would like. I thought that was really kind and thoughtful of him.

OK... gotta dash and glam. Have a beautiful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Heather ~ that is exactly what I was diagnosed with (ICP) when I was pregnant with Nathan. I went and read the last few entries to Angie Smith's blog and that was so similar to what I went through ~ except that we waited until I was 36 weeks to be induced. I've always considered Nathan my miracle baby, but if truth be told, Natalie really is ~ I had the same condition at the end of my pregnancy with her and it went undiagnosed. I so easily could have lost her. I changed doctors after Natalie was born specifically because I didn't think the OB/GYN I used with her paid enough attention to my concerns with the insane itching I had while pregnant with her. This is the first I have read of someone in the public eye having this condition as well.

Heather said...

When I read her symptoms yesterday morning I thought... man... that sounds just like what Mary had! Does it get increasingly worse with each pregnancy?

Anonymous said...

It hits earlier with each pregnancy, so the results can be more devastating if it is not detected in time, or if the baby has to be delivered very prematurely. I wasn't told *not* to have any more babies after Nathan, but I was told to be extremely cautious if I did. With Nathan my symptoms began to appear at about 31 weeks, I was diagnosed at about 33 weeks, so I had 3 weeks of constant monitoring ~ ultrasounds and stress tests every 2-3 days for two weeks and then the final week before the planned induction (at 36 weeks) in the hospital for 24-hour "surveillance." Our timing with Nathan was perfect because I was able to get the medication that sped up his lung growth and development and he was born with no problems aside from being VERY jaundiced (caused by my liver not functioning). If I had had another baby after Nathan, I would have probably developed ICP earlier in my pregnancy and would have had to deliver even earlier.