My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, May 7, 2010

you can't make this stuff up

This morning I got a call from my brother, Jim... "mom's been in an accident and they took her to Grady".

Grady is the biggest local trauma center. They bypassed the local hospital - about 1 mile away from her accident. So it didn't sound good.

Jim didn't know much. He didn't ask a lot of questions since dad was driving... rushing to the hospital in Atlanta. He just knew the airbag had deployed and her hand was broken.

I called Cody... he was at the scene of the accident cleaning out mom's truck. He said someone had stopped to turn left and mom must not have realized it and hit them from behind. her hand apparently hit the windshield.

Cody was upset. He said her hand looked bad. He didn't know anything more.

I am (as you know) without a car. Jim had Angie's car and was on the way to the mechanic because it was running hot. So our extended family, collectively, down three vehicles.

My friend Alisa came to pick me up to take me to work. (thank God for friends who are willing to drive over an hour round trip to get me where I need to be). She asked if we needed to just go to Atlanta. I didn't know. While we were debating and discussing, she got a call... while she was on the phone, I prayed.

I'm the daughter... I'm the one that needs to be there. I'm the one with the spiritual gift of exhortation. But since I'm without a car, I potentially become a liability because someone has to get me back and forth.

Ultimately, I decided to go on into work to handle the paperwork to get my car back. Alisa had a meeting this morning so we decided to just do what we needed to this morning and then re-evaluate midday. By then we'll know more about what's needed and whether or not Jim is going to be able to go down to Atlanta.

For those who aren't local... where I live is about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Atlanta... as long as there isn't traffic. And there's always traffic.

Grady is in the heart of Atlanta... very congested area... expensive to park... high crime area. But it's a good trauma hospital.

Update on my car... the modification papers have been submitted. I will have a "release" in 1-2 business days which means it could potentially be as late as Tuesday before I can get my car. Argh. They said it might not take that long. Praying I can get it today, would help quite a bit.

So that's the haps... will update as the circumstances evolve. Never a dull moment.

OH! AND! I locked my keys in my house so I have to depend on Austin to let me in this afternoon.

UPDATE... looks like there are no broken bones! They're waiting for the xrays to be read and then they'll be able to leave.