My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays.
And there are ants all over my desk. Not because of food… there is no food. I don’t know if they’re trying to get out of the rain or what. My office smells like bug spray. I’ve threatened to cover myself in it. I’m itching like crazy, not because they’ve bitten me but because I keep feeling them crawling on me. It’s awful. Hard to concentrate.
We’re short by two people today but it’s deadly slow.
More ants than customers right now.
I opened my office window (post ants) to let some of the smell of the spray out and let in some of the rain soaked air. The sound of the rain is relaxing.
My hair is a mess. I didn’t even try today.
I’m thinking of wearing a hat for Cody’s wedding. Have to find somewhere to buy a hat. I’ve been glancing at the internet. My dress has chocolate brown silk accent ribbons so if I can find a nice hat in that color or even if I find a plain hat and adore it with chocolate colored silk ribbon. I think I could detail my own hat.
Purple Michael says that since I live in the south, I should be able to find a hat easily. Or he suggested – I’m not sure that’s a real website. Will check and let you know.
Have I told you about ?? Check it out. It will either make you sick or hungry.
Quiet weekend. Mucho headachey yesterday.
Saturday Cody and Marquee came over after their LAST premarital counseling session. They passed. They can get married now.
We spent the afternoon looking at old photos. Cody wanted to find pictures of his cat Tommy, when he was a kitten. We found them.
Also found photos of my Codester with my high school friend Dwaine’s little boy, Dustin. Both are 19 now. Also have a picture with my friend A.T’s daughter, Haley and my son Ryan. It was a heartbeat ago… now they’re all grown.
Also found *THE* photo of my brother Bryan that gave us a glimpse of his future. He is protesting my laying out in the sun in the area of the backyard where he wanted to play. He is now a big-shot attorney in Manhattan. Heck, if I’d known he’d grow up to be a rich lawyer, I might have let him have his spot in the backyard.
Just kidding. But in the picture you can see his passion for social injustice… and my detached amusement. It’s obvious that I was used to annoying little brothers.
Favorite websites right now: , ,
Saturday night Jim & Angie took us out for my birthday… I loved it!
Austin spent the weekend hanging out with his friend Zack. And with Tasha, I think. He’s awful phone-chatty lately which makes me think a girl is involved.
My head is still bothering me. Once I get a headache, it will rear its ugly head a few times before it goes away for good. The unstable atmosphere hasn’t helped.
Mostly today my head just feels full.
My Italian CDs came over the weekend. Now I can start learning. The book Eat, Pray, Love inspired me. The movie comes out this summer.
The failed bombing in Times Square was approximately ¾ a mile from my brother’s apartment. He was in Chicago, though. No danger to him or Candice – but Shadow the cat was in jeopardy.
So that’s my Monday. Hope it’s a good one.


stasha said...

one of your favorive websites would be about farmville! lol!
you better be at churc hwednesday cuz I miss you! also we need ot eat lunch together soon but I'm always working on the weekdays now so maybe a saturday or a dinner maybe?
Love you! :)

Remo said...

Get thee some "Amdro." Kills those ants because they eat it and drag it back to the queen as a feast and she dies as well. You can also use plain grits as well.

Gotta kill the Queen.