My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's mysteries...

I find it interesting that there's one lone rose from my birthday bouquet from my parents that is still pretty.... yet the cheap bouquet I bought myself for mothers day never bloomed... only wilted as buds.

I find it interesting that the Obama Administration is speaking out so strongly against the Arizona Immigration law yet NO ONE HAS READ IT.

Of course, this is a trend for them... no one ever read the healthcare bill either.

It's interesting to me that Miss Oklahoma was boo'ed onstage and not chosen as Miss USA because she believes that states should have the right to make their own laws... totally an American principal.... but the winner of the Miss USA contest is an Arab-American and former "Miss Stripper"... nice role model.

Catering to political correctness, much?

Yesterday afternoon was a bit comical. I picked up Sarabeth at school... went to Miss Cassie's to get Jamie and there was no one there. After many phone calls and texts back and forth between myself, Jim and Angie, they realized that it was Jamie's day to go to Miss Wendy's house. Oops. Having been a parent (for 23 years now) I know how easy it is to get those logistical details mixed up. Happened to me all the time. Still does. Sarabeth knew where Miss Wendy's house was and she graciously had Jamie dressed and ready to go.

I wasn't exactly sure where the Habersham County High School was but I knew Garmin would know. Um. Nope. Not on there. So I programmed a school that was close to it and tried to go from there.... but I also prayed out loud with the girls that God would show us the best, safest way to get there. Garmin directed me one way and I *instinctively* felt another way was better... so I followed my instincts, explaining to the girls that I felt God was showing me a better way. When we arrived there, safely, ahead of the time Garmin had predicted, Sarabeth said, "whaddaya know? God knows more than Garmin."

Yep. He sure does.

Austin has a raging case of poison ivy... it is even up on his face. He has exams on Thursday and Friday... and a wedding next week... hope it heals fast.

In ten days my sweet little Cody will become someone's husband... it's surreal!

Stubby the 3legged Wondercat has developed a jealous streak since Itty Bitty Ferocious Kitty has been getting so much attention. Stubby doesn't quite understand that he's too big to curl up on my chest like his tiny little friend. Right now he's trying to figure out a way to fit on my lap along with the laptop.

Time for me to scare up some kind of healthy breakfast... and head in to the office. Hope you have a beautiful tuesday!