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My People
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

lazy days....

Today is day three of my lazy-palooza aka Thanksgiving break.
I haven't exactly gone "over the river and through the woods" but that doesn't mean we're bored here in the nest.

Austin took advantage of his spare time to hang ornaments from my shelf...  isnt that picture of my three boys absolutely precious? A sweet lady in our church had a coupon for a free photo at Olan Mills and she gave it to me... she said, "don't buy anything else, it's too expensive" and because we loved and respected her, we didn't. That sweet little 8x10 has hung on the wall everywhere I've lived. Love those sweet babies! And that's my Gator easter basket... my barbies... and other assorted little treasures... the lights were a great idea, he had fun and I appreciate that he wanted to help feather my nest.

We also went to Ingles yesterday for a grocery run. Paying the surgeon last week (had to pay in advance, remember) ate up my comfort zone in my checking account. Fortunately we had enough child support left to make a decent grocery run AND... earned our last turkey point so we got our free turkey! Woohoo! We're thinking about cooking it the way that Martha Stewart showed where you take out the backbone and cook it flat - it's called "spatchcooking" and it looks like it takes less time. Austin thinks he can handle removing the backbone.

I'm on a medication for cystitis - another one of those lovely side effects from my back problems - can't tell when I have to go sometimes, haven't had any accidents but I do hold it too long. I was afraid I had an infection but no, fortunately not. They gave me this med that has an anesthetic quality to it so that some of the cramping I was having last week will get better. So far, not so much. I've been doubled over most of the weekend. The up side... it makes you pee blue... it's entertaining. TMI?

Austin declared that my keyboard on my laptop needed cleaning so he took the canned air and blew it out and... blew my backspace key right off. If you're keeping score, poor laptop is now missing the right hand shift key (I've adjusted my typing accordingly) and now the backspace key. I backspace a lot. Not fun. The nice computer man in Cleveland said he could replace our keyboard for $40. I may just have to take him up on that. Love my laptop.

In my hours browsing Pinterest (if you're not on yet, you HAVE to check it out)... I found the frugal way to microwave popcorn. I like making popcorn. I'll either do a chili powder and garlic flavor... or cinnamon and sugar.. there's just so much you can do. Microwave popcorn, while not ridiculously expensive, isn't cheap. I saw on Pinterest that you can make microwave popcorn using old fashioned kernal and a brown paper lunch sack. I thought... eh... whatever... won't work... but... we'll give it a try. IT WAS FABULOUS!  Just 1/4 cup of kernal in a plain brown sack... no oil of any kind... fold the top of the lunch sack over two or three times... put in the microwave for about two minutes. Just like with microwave popcorn, you have to listen to where the popping slows down... and it was absolutely perfect. I melted a little real butter to pour over it... unbelievably easy and good.

It's just been a good weekend. Peaceful. Restful. Austin hasn't stressed me out too bad, although his room has a major hoard going on and we've been talking about getting that cleaned. I've been loving my computer games... watching lots of tv, alternating between really butch stuff like football games... and really feminine stuff like chick flicks and Oprah. The cats have been enjoying their perches. We've done dishes but not laundry. 

Austin just walked out of the house with a golf club. Not sure what's up. Gonna post and head out for a bit. 

Love and hugs, y'all


Natalie said...

Love Austin's holiday spirit. Hope the lights bring some joy into your life.