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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, December 29, 2011

day 8, not feeling so great...

I'm in a terrible amount of pain today. I can't get comfortable. I'm sitting on ice right now but I've gotta tell ya... I thought that by this point I would be much better than I am now.

I've got some things weighing heavy on my heart. I can't really share in this format but if you pray, please pray for God's blessings on us. I know He has a plan and I never doubt Him. It's just a matter of getting from the seen to the unseen. I am anticipating some big changes in my life for 2012 and I will need much spiritual fortitude to stay strong during those changes... one of them being, of course, Austin graduating from high school.

Yesterday was a good day... I had more visitors in the nest. Ryan stopped by to see me before he headed back to Pennsylvania and realized he had a serious oil leak. He called Uncle Bubba (my brother Jim) to ask who they use for car repairs... Bubba referred him to ARI in Cleveland... Ryan called AAA and got his car towed... they checked things out, fixed the problem and got him back on the road for only $53. Huge blessing!

And while he was at our place waiting for the car to be repaired, Joshy came by to pick up his drivers license (he had left it with Ryan - I'm not sure why) so Ryan and Joshy took Austin out for lunch/dinner. Austin's been so great to me during this whole ordeal. It was a real treat for him to get to spend time with his older brothers.

I've had a really hard time eating. Yesterday I had a baked sweet potato and some pretzels and that's about it. Ryan brought me back a burrito from their lunch yesterday but it was too spicy.

Austin hung out for awhile in my room with me... we watched the Price is Right. I guess he had never seen it before because he thought it was entirely entertaining. I like finding the old vintage game shows from the 70's on the game show network. Everything from the hairstyles to the clothing to the prices on things... really fun.

I'm reading Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly - it was a Christmas gift. I also got a really cool food processor which Austin used to make very decent salsa yesterday - or the day before - I can't remember. It needed lime juice but we didn't have any. He didn't have a recipe... just figured out what is in salsa and put that together.

I'm still oozing from the holes where the pain pump went in... they don't look infected and don't hurt much... just... draining.

Trouble the cat has been my constant companion - except when people are around, then he gets sort of skittish. Stubby is the opposite - he's basically a piece of furniture until people come around and then he starts the "poor, disabled kitty" routine. Stubbs wouldn't leave Joshy alone yesterday. Josh was always good to the poor disabled kitty and I'm sure Stubby remembers that. Trouble literally stays glued to me... when I'm laying down, he's either beside me on the pillow or actually sleeping on top of me.

I'm going to take the Christmas specific ornaments off of my pink and purple trees and decorate them for winter/Valentine's. I love all my lights in my room.

It's very cold out. Well, cold for us. Not that it matters. It's a constant 62 degrees in the nest.

So... that's what's happening around here. Hope you're all safe, warm, happy and enjoying these last few days of 2011! Love and hugs!


mawmaw said...

Will be praying ,love ya

Unknown said...

Pets can always tell when you need comforting. When someone is down around here the cat's are right there next to them.