My People

My People
My People - Cosette, Austin, Oliver, Cody, me & Ryan. Just think, had I not lived, these people wouldn't be on the planet. They are my whole heart!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

short update

Quick entry before time to start work...
The internet is down at home. I believe there is a widespread outage but was unable to confirm.
Yesterday went well, despite the morning appointments taking way longer than expected and getting stuck in traffic on the way back home... throw in a migraine and a extra long IEP meeting and I was toast.
Went to bed early.
Got up early and... no internet.
Today I go to the pain doctor.
It's a good thing.
So anyways... that's the haps... time to start here at the office.
Pray for me. I'll pray right back for you.
Love and hugs.