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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, February 27, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday Again And Again And Again....

One day my Jamie girl was singing the days of the week, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday... " then she said, "Daddy! It's like a circle!" and Bubba said to her, "more than you know, Jamie... more than you know"...

I think about Jamie's Revelation often on Mondays. It's back. With the heavy weight of a week stretched out ahead of us. My headache is mostly gone, it feels like it's moved on to just being a "bruise" where the memory lingers, not the raging pain in my brain that plagued me all weekend.

My kitty cat is curled up beside me. He likes to lay as close as he can and then put a paw on me somewhere to sort of mark his place... or reassure himself that I'm close by. He's such a doll.

I'm having the "all over" kind of pain that I think is the fibromyalgia. I've never really embraced that diagnosis because my pain seems -usually - to be concentrated in my spine and spreading out from there... but I have some tender points and every single movement is painful... even something as simple as petting the cat.

Looks like it's gonna be Monday all day so we might as well get to it. And no matter how wounded and weary I feel, I've got to drag my bag of bones to the office and be useful and productive.

SO... let's get to those pesky Reasons to Love Monday:
1. It may be basic but I've got to start somewhere: I'm thankful for a job, a car to get there, gas in that car and the ability to drive. We take these things for granted but at one point or another in my life I've been without one or more of these things and it's not easy.

2. Despite having bronchitis... it's manifested itself more in shortness of breath than in much of a cough. I hate coughing so although I'd rather not deal with bronchitis AT ALL... I'm grateful that the suffering has been minor. Not coughing is DEFINITELY a reason to love Monday!

3. My blood pressure is now 135/91... much better than it has been!

4. I can't wait to get home after work to see the Oscar recaps. I stayed awake for the Red Carpet but fell asleep before the ceremony even started!

5. Number five is The Five. I love that show. I get home in time to watch the last 5 or ten minutes of it and it cracks me up. It's my reward for a long day of work.

6. Three more days until my Austin's birthday. He'll be 18. Have I mentioned this before? Probably a thousand times. It's so surreal to me that I have raised my three babies to adulthood. This birthday is as much of a milestone to him as it is to me.

7. I splurged on a big container of fresh melon for my breakfast today. I can't wait! That... plus this new diuretic... should keep me dashing between my office and the potty all day... glad that I've got the office closest to the potty!

8. Neil Patrick Harris who I *heart* will be co-hosting Live with Kelly this morning. Obviously, I won't be home to see it but I'm sure I'll be able to catch a rerun of it SOMEWHERE. You can find just about anything you want to see (and a lot of stuff you DON'T) on the internet these days.

9. I bought the Sunday paper yesterday so I have coupons to clip! Woohoo! I'm also going to go to my trusty coupon clipper site to get more of the specific coupons - they charge a percentage of the savings - so if you want a $1 off coupon that they have... you pay 8 cents for it. You have to pay for mailing - a 45 cent fee - but you can get a bunch of coupons for that one fee and if you're getting coupons for the stuff you KNOW you buy every week... it's inevitable that you will save. That allows me to use coupons without having to be what Austin calls, "Coupon Crazy" because I don't drag around lots of random coupons... I'm just toting the ones we're definitely going to use.

10. Payday is Thursday! I'm still not getting as much in commission as I'd like to... and not as much as my boss would like to give me... but I'm working hard and I know that hard work HAS to pay off at some point. Otherwise... if hard work doesn't pay off... then I will know that God is moving me in a different direction. Either way... hard work... knowing that I did my best... that's an awesome reward in itself and I'm glad for the opportunity to go to work and push myself again today.

Hope wherever you are, whatever you're doing... that you will find LOTS and LOTS of Reasons to Love Monday!