My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 5, 2016

About Today

Today was
Me watching Oscar (the dachshund who must have constant human contact or he WILL DIE) while Mawmaw went to the Dr. again, (and again and again and again ... it never ends!) then to get prescriptions, including mine, and then to the grocery store. We were happy when she was home and could take on the dog snuggling duty.

Today was also
Italian studying, learning to say, "La Destra ha un ottimo leader" The Right-wing has an excellent leader. Hmmmm.
Also learned "Il Partito Democratico e abbastanza grande." The Democratic Party is pretty big.
Several phrases like that. Learning sentence structure is helpful. I'm struggling with English tonight but my Italian is improving. It struck me as ironic that I couldn't escape political discussion EVEN while learning Italian. Big. Eye. Roll.

Today has  made me really sleepy. If I doze off on the keyboard it's because I spent the day
You-Tube watching - today I watched Bonnie Hoellein, 8 Passengers, The Saccone-Joly's, Jim Chapman, Zoella, etc etc.
I watched a few language learning videos. I just basically go for language reinforcment wherever I can get it. I even try to read Italian newspapers. I get about half the words.
I've also been battling high pain levels without pain meds because it was another day that I was the only one who could pick Austin up from work. Being in pain drains you.

Foodwise today there was
yogurt eating
butternut squash ravioli eating
I tried to eat some cheez-it but they had gotten stale but there was still...
peel & eat freshly steamed shrimp from Ingles that Austin fixed for me eating...
It's about time for my after dinner Luigi's treat.

Today there was also
Facetiming with Oliver. I wish you could see him. He is .... I can't find the word that explains how magnficent, marvelous, brilliant, beautiful, hilarious... I just want to soak him up. He is my heart. I just wish I could figure out a way to be with him and still be here doing the things that I need to do here.

Today I turned off the tv for awhile and just studied. I rarely mono-task but today it felt wonderful.

Today I am ready and so excited for the Olympics Open Ceremony to start even though I am sure I'm going to be asleep by the time Afghanistan marches in... or some other country with an A. So sleepy.

Today I did a new kind of bun that I saw here: Abby's Bun Tutorial (this takes you to a youtube video). Basically, until the humidity and temperature are lower, my hair has to be up off of my shoulders, I always end up with the messiest, most insane buns. This one was neater and cuter.

Today I am
drinking Gold Peak Peach Tea. The single serving is about half as much as I've been paying for Starbucks Peach or Mango tea. I'm ready to start Christmas shopping so I need to cut back on unnecessary spending. Plus, this stuff is good.

Today I am hoping that your week ended well and that your weekend will end up being all that you hope it will be. Stay cool. Be safe. Love life. Be grateful. Pray for me, for my Austin and my Cosy. Pray for my mama that she will be well and that the new things they saw on her CT scan last week are nothing to worry about. Pray for me and I'll pray for you.

Thanks for visiting. Love, hugs and all that! See you next time!


slj said...

Sending prayers for you family..