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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 26, 2016

Daddy / Daughter Day Part Due (two)

I'm not gonna lie... going full speed with a toddler wears me out! Austin is with her every second except for, you know, calls of nature and such but I have never been a sidelines type Nana. If one of my babies is around or on the phone or in my presence in any way, I'm giving them 110% of me, even when there are other caregivers around. Time is so precious. I don't want to waste a bit of it!

That being said... my energy level dropped a bit in the afternoon so I ended up with more pictures from the morning than from the afternoon. Of course, some of that is because we're actively doing things and not looking at life through a camera or phone. Still... I did get some cute photos!

I have a LOT of pictures of Cosette holding my iPhone and all of those came within about a ten minute period. Her dad had a phone call and she's just a little mimic. The whole time he was talking she walked around with my phone doing exactly what he was doing. She even carried the phone outside with her. I have a good Otter Box so I don't worry too much about her damaging the phone. Plus... she's a girl and she's got a pretty delicate touch most of the time.






She did manage to drag my digital camera across the concrete on my back porch yesterday and scratched the viewing screen on the back just a tiny bit. I paid around $100 for that little camera six years ago and it's survived lots of "enthusiastic" little photographers over the years. It's going to have to be replaced soon anyways so I just let the babies have fun with it. She does get rather frustrated that she can't "swipe" to change the photo in the view finder like she does on the phone. They're just born understanding technology. It blows my mind!

Anyways... like I said... every moment is precious.

We played quite a bit on my back porch yesterday which is nice and shady in the afternoon. We set up the foam blocks/puzzle/mat for her to have a soft place to sit. She prefers the cats' mats which are sort of yucky to me. She kept her little Frozen fuzzy house shoes on all day which made her look like such a little teenager. My porch is concrete so it is a little rough on bare feet. Her mom had dressed her in cute little capri leggings that Austin pulled off at naptime to let her be comfy. Somehow she went the rest of the afternoon without her leggings. Hope you're not offended of photos of a little girl in her diaper. I think it's ok... We totally forgot to put her leggings back in her bag to go home. Oops.

She also loves Amazon packaging... the big box makes a great fort. The big bubbles that keep things from shifting in the box... she loves when her dad pops those. If you see plastic around her... no worries... we're not letting her ingest it. She actually doesn't touch it other than giving it to her dad to make the loud noise for her. She is not afraid of loud noises. She is usually supervised by at least two adults, sometimes three or four! We use the baby gate to block her access to my room, the cat room (where there's a litter box) and the bathroom. We don't have the stairs blocked off but we are never more than a foot away from her. She's also a bit skittish about falling so she will climb a step and then look to see if someone is going to help her. Just a little safety disclaimer there!

When Mawmaw and Pop woke up from their naps (LOL!) we went upstairs to their porch and let Cosy splash in the water a little bit. Oliver is a little fish. He loves water and you can pour it over his head, hold the hose on him... whatever... and he's in Heaven. Cosette is a bit delicate. She splashed in a little bowl and played with some cups but it was definitely not her favorite thing to do. She DOES love her books and the kitty cats and like I said, just being outside on the porch. I love that our weather stays mild around here most of the year and I think we'll get lots of use out of both my screened in porch and my parents new covered porch upstairs. The new porch is great. The old wood porch was rough so you couldn't have walked barefoot or let a baby just plop down on it to play. Now it's like a great big play pen!

After we played in the water we went back to my living room. Austin tried to get her to have a little mini-rest-time/not a nap because we had played SO hard all afternoon. She basically gave him an eye roll and jumped back down to play with all of her things. I think if I had cleaned up all the things while she was upstairs playing in the water she wouldn't have had the urge to PLAY. WITH. ALL. THE. THINGS!!!! She read a book with her dad for a hot second and then was up walking around reading her books and enjoying her toys but really, REALLY enjoying her books! We're thinking about taking her to story time at the library. They were doing it on Thursday mornings at the local library the last time we asked and I think she might have the temperament to sit and enjoy a group story.


We took her back to her mommy. She fell asleep on the ride but handled the transition beautifully again. She's a champ! My parents had picked up dinner from our local meat-and-three restaurant so I had dinner, facetimed with Ollie and then crashed hard!

And now it's Friday again! Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for checking in! Love and hugs, y'all!


Red*Hot@52! said...

What some great pictures! I can really see how much she looks like her daddy in a lot of them. I'm so glad y'all are getting to spend time with her and that it's going so well so far.

JazzyMae said...

Great pics of your two grands!
Cosy does look just like her dad... and that little darlin' Ollie... OMG.. I would have to hug him so hard! LOL So darn cute!! :)

Lucky gram you are!

have a good week!