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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, August 7, 2016

It Must Be August...

It must be August because... I can't take the heat another minute. Fortunately the forecast shows us having temps in the 80's for the next two weeks. I'll take it. But then, really soon after that, I want temps in the 60's, ok? I'm tired of sweating. I can't keep mascara in place to save my life.

It must be August because... School is back in session for our county as of tomorrow. My nieces started back on Friday. We do it crazy early here in Georgia but they get out before Memorial Day. When I was in school we started in August but it was more like the end of August... maybe the Monday before Labor Day. Maybe earlier. I've been out of school for 30 years now. Technically 30 1/2 because I graduated early.

Speaking of school... I signed up for which is a program where you can take online courses for free. It's free... but if you want a certificate that you've taken a class you pay a fee. I think that's fair enough. I can see a lot of courses that you might take to pad your resume and would want documentation. If I were able to work, that might be a good investment. As it is now... I'm happy to just take it for my own knowledge and benefit. For free. I'm taking an Italian Course through Wellesley, my sister-in-law's alma mater. Also the school where the movie, Mona Lisa Smiles was based. It's a great movie if you haven't seen it.

It must be August because... My mothers' day plant is giving up the ghost. It has these beads in it to keep the water level steady and you were supposed to add water when they would start to shrivel. The problem is that the bottom beads would be all fat and happy and the top beads would be shriveled up. Good idea, bad execution. Of course, I've never been able to keep plants alive. Kids and cats. That's my specialty.

It must be August because... Christmas decorations are popping up in the stores, at least in the online stores (I haven't shopped anywhere else lately). I've started thinking about Christmas gifts but I'm holding back. Last year I was an eager beaver and had everything long ahead of time. Then I kept seeing other things I wanted to get and spent more money than I wanted to. Or that I want to this year. I have been thinking about getting a kitchen for the babies to play in at my house. Of course, I don't know that Oliver would stay still long enough for a play kitchen. He's more into balls and cars. On my list this year... a bigger mirror for my bathroom... and that's all I've though of so far.

It must be August because... My figs are starting to ripen. I've had two now. The one I got today was totally green two days ago and was bursting at the seams today. I tried to pick it while holding the cat and dropped it. The fig, not the cat. I immediately rinsed off my prize fig and ate it. Best thing ever!

Me today... frizzy and squinting... in all my late Summer glory
Also today I had... honeydew melon and the last of the steamed shrimp for breakfast. I know, bizarre combination. I had ... banana pudding with whipped cream for lunch. For dinner I had pretzel chips with fresh mozzarella. High pain levels = weird appetite. I just eat what I can manage and what is easily available.

If all goes well and the stars align I have the next two days completely with no obligations. I plan to not leave my nest. When I got up to go pick up Austin this evening the pain was so bad I couldn't stand up straight or catch my breath. His friend Pat is on board the effort to get him to drive so maybe my days of being a chauffeur are numbered. PLEASE let them be numbered! These last few days of having to tough it out and drive when I'm in so much pain have been just too much. I almost feel like it would be safer for me to drive on pain meds than it is for me to drive when I'm hurting so bad that I feel every curve like a knife in the back.

Tonight the Women's Gymnastics competition is televised. I am going to try to stay awake to watch it but ... I'm recording it in case I fall asleep.

Hope you all had a great weekend! More tomorrow! Love and hugs!