My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daddy / Daughter Day part 1

While my son and granddaughter are napping I thought I'd go ahead and post the pictures from this morning. We had breakfast at Huddle House - by the way, our Cleveland Huddle House is the #1 Huddle House location in the USA. I don't know what criteria they're judged on but we do love going there. Cosette goes a lot with her mom. The waitress said, "these aren't the people who usually bring you... " to Cosette. She told us that Cosy is "the Huddle House Baby". Cosy is so used to people talking to her that she watches everyone who walks by and waits for them to speak to her. If they don't speak to her she looks sad/surprised.

Then we went to Babyland General. It's a great place to play on a Thursday morning. We were the only people there. She was more interested in the play kitchen, the beads and the balls than she was in the babies. We bought two little Hello Kitty dolls. She loves kitties.

We made a quick Walmart trip to replace her dad's phone case. He is rough on phones and phone cases.

After that we stopped by the WIC office to see if she was supposed to be at that appointment. They didn't need to see her so we didn't stay long. She got a quick cuddle from mom and did awesome with separation again. I was afraid she might be hesitant this week after realizing that we were going to stay gone all day last week. She was so excited to see her dad that she went right to him! Baby girl loves her dad. I hope she always handles transitions as well.




Her dad got her swing hung for her. She sort of likes it but is just a little anxious about falling for some reason. Also... she was pretty tired after our busy morning. They went down for a nap - both her and dad - a little before one. They're still sleeping! Nana is catching her breath to get ready for this afternoon.

I sent the pictures from my phone to Facebook. These are the pictures I took on my camera. They're a bit smudgey because the camera is old and I let the babies play with it. Still cute, I think...

She likes her "fancy shoes" she's wearing them in this picture but the tennis shoes stay on better.

At any rate...Part two of Daddy / Daughter day on tomorrow's blog...

Love and hugs, y'all!