My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, July 18, 2013

the 18th of July

Today was a much better day than yesterday... even if it did take another phone call to the doctor to figure out why the pharmacy didn't have the meds they were supposed to call in yesterday morning. They had them filled in Riverdale - 100 miles away. Um. No. So they supposedly transferred back up here and should be ready today but I didn't even try to go back to town. I'll do that tomorrow.

But Austin is in a good mood and voluntarily vacuumed the whole house. Or the bottom two levels, at least. Nobody but cats and me go to the top floor. He helped me relocate some books that I was anxious would end up damp with our leaky basement issues. He's... well, he's trying.

Saturday they will be going up to Grandma's house in Hayesville, NC (just over the mountain) to get the furniture that we are inheriting from her. We had left the house mostly furnished for staging. There is a contract on the house and it's set to close in August. This means we'll have a normal height kitchen table which will compliment the chairs and the sideboard and the china cabinet and my high top table - with it's barstools - will go into the Whine Cellar to be part one of the kitchenette. And there are beds coming! BEDS! Not that I don't love my comfy couch but... my broke-down spine needs a real bed. My first disability check is going toward the best mattress I can afford. And toward a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee pot, etc for my little kitchen. I'd love to have a sink down here. Nothing fancy, just a little something. And exposed shelves instead of cabinets so I can display my teacup collection.

I spent a very long time working on my genealogy today. Seriously... more than six hours and I'm still in the middle of a project that I'd like to finish tonight but... I'm getting sleepy, very sleepy. I'm even skipping the eviction episode of Big Brother because I don't want to lose the very zen-like space I'm in with I've hit on a branch that's giving me lots and lots more ancestors and I just want to follow it without interruption until I crash and go to sleep. It may be a few days before I have this kind of peace and quiet so I want to take advantage of that research time.

In my little blogging community there are three situations that need prayer: 1, a lady my age who is about to lose her mother to cancer. She's in the final stages. 2. A young mother who had a pre-term delivery of a 20 week gestation baby. Her water had been leaking since week 14 and they were just trying to manage it long enough for viability which, sadly, didn't happen. They will bury him tomorrow.  and 3. A friend whose ex-husband is in big trouble for some inappropriate activity - like  violation of laws - with his employer and could very possible get fired. And go to jail. My friends' only income is her alimony and child support which would likely go away if his employer doesn't allow him to stay on. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have the "will they or won't they" approve my disability on the first attempt argument with myself until I work my heartrate up and get dizzy and about pass out. It's like my very own slothish cardio!

No pictures tonight since I left the camera in the kitchen and I don't feel like walking upstaris.

Happy Friday Eve, y'all and thanks so much for stopping by.