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My People
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Seventh of July

I actually left the house today... first time since Tuesday, I think. I had to pick up a few necessities (but forgot the deodorant. there's enough to scrape it out and use it and once that runs out I'll go back into town). It was amazing to see the world after the storms of the past week. Everything is extreme green, muddy and soggy. All these dirt roads up here have flooded out onto the main road leaving a trail of mud and gravel on the paved roads. There was a huge branch across the road at the entrance to our private road (with enough room for me to drive past it without having to move it).

I'm having one of those *must medicate* pain days. Bad enough that the brief trip to town (about twenty minutes total) had me in tears on the way home. It stinks. It really does. I got a ton of paperwork in the mail - the stuff that I'll have to fill out over the phone with the disability attorney. I'm going to have to do some research to find the names of the doctors who have treated me for all my respiratory stuff. So many doctors over the past five years that I can hardly remember who is who. The sooner I have the info together and the more prepared I am for my next phone call with the attorney, the quicker this process will go.

I started the night last night on my couch down in the Whine Cellar but woke up with not one but TWO cats on top of me. Eddie the Ginger Cat has finally gotten up the courage to venture downstairs and even though he doesn't much like people ... he likes me. I woke up because Little Trouble Kitty was trying to wrestle Eddie off of me. Nothing like a literal cat fight on your BELLY.. so I decided to go upstairs and sleep on the bed so there would be room for all of us. Wouldn't you know... they both stayed downstairs. Goofy cats.

You can tell that the local wildlife knows that the doggies have left the building. I watched a bunny and a beautiful deer hang out in the front forest this morning. They wouldn't do that with Oscar The Guard Dog in residence. I didn't get a decent picture of either.  I guess I should make sure Mr. Deer doesn't avail himself of the garden. Little Kitty is still stalking visiting with the squirrels on the front porch. He tapped on the window with his claws again today while one was on the bird feeder. Totally cracked me UP! Funniest cat ever. Besides pathetic Stubby the Three Legged Wondercat who waits on the counter for his food. Actually. The only reason we have cat food on the counter is because if it's on the floor the dogs eat it. I guess I could put it on the floor until the dogs come back and save Stubby from having to haul his fat belly up to the feeding trough.

Speaking of feeding trough...the kid came home today. Woohoo. I mean , "WOOOHOOO!!!" Lots more groceries being used today than yesterday. I had oatmeal for breakfast today and watermelon for lunch. Seriously. It's amazing that I can maintain my weight with as little as I eat some days... but then again, I make up for it by having gigantic bowls of ice cream at other times. The kid, likewise, will sleep for twelve hours and wake up famished and eat half the pantry in one sitting. There's a good bit of food here. A lot of ingredients, I should say. Nothing quick and easy, really, but that's ok. I could seriously live on watermelon. I just wish the tomatoes would start coming in. My body knows that it's tomato time and is wondering why I'm holding out on it.

For the rest of the day I have dinner, more TV watching ahead and then bed. And that was the seventh day. Captioned photos ahead:


Ok... see the gutter there on the deck past the screen porch? It's overflowing and the water is running down between the porch and the house and it's going into the ceiling of my bedroom. All it needs is for somebody to clean out the gutter.

Have a great week! Love and hugs!


Back Porch Writer said...

Love the captioned photos and I love that porch! We got a watermelon today at Aldi's on sale. I'm looking forward to eating that this week! I think we have 5 extra things of deodorant. I'd email you one if I could. lol We couponed and got some ridiculous deals.