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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Animals are Running the Zoo

I did a photo dump from my mom's digital camera this morning and posted the whole album on Facebook. If you can't view 'em on FB, here are some of the highlights from her 100+ photos:

Our first category is Oscar attached to Heather. (The first time I typed it I used "Austin" instead of "Oscar" - a frequent occurance here at Cedar Hollow). Poor Oscar. I mean, Austin. Oscar... believes that 24/7/365 he must be attached to either Mawmaw or Heather. We're talking - must be right beside me. And so these are a variety of examples of that behavior. And frequently it includes his special blanket or a toy or even his food bowl. If Pop isn't around he won't eat unless I sit with his food bowl beside me and he eats there. He's the boss.

 I can tell it must be winter in this picture because I'm under my electric blanket.

And here... wearing my fuzzy Grinch pajamas.
 And here... I'm wearing a really thick sweater that I usually wear instead of a coat so we must have been major chilly. Plus he has his cuddle blanket AND a baby to hold.

Next we have a few examples of why my sweet Little Kitty's official name is Trouble. That cat is in everything! He needs his own social secretary. He's another Boss. 

 Here he is helping Mawmaw pack treat bags for her crossing guard kids.
 Here he's perched all human like as if he was engaged in conversation. He sleeps that way to... like a human... last night he slept part of the night with his arms around me, like a hug.
 Here he's being an instigator. He has lots of perfectly comfy places to rest but it's more fun to steal Oscar's bed. Can you see the evil in his eyes?
 In this picture he's in Pop's bedroom window at the house in Riverdale, stalking Cody and Marquee (that's their house that you see right outside the window). He LOVES Cody. I mean... full on, reaching front legs up for him to pick him up... LOVES him. He and Marquee have a bit of a truce. She says he's evil because he chases after Sammy. I say - if Sammy would just quit running...
 In the TV stand in Riverdale, watching my mom clean out the cabinet below.

 Inspecting the kitchen cabinet.
 Entertaining with friends... here they have invited The Cat in the Hat for some tv watching/male bonding time.
 Here he's helping me figure out my Nook. Belly UP!
 So... the four legged insanity that is our lives...
Oscar must have human contact at all times or he'll die.
Trouble must be advised of every activity going on in the house and when practical, must be included.
Lady, the old Golden Retriever mix has this itch that is driving all of us crazy... she scratches so hard it shakes the whole (3 story) house.
Lily, as an old girl, has some trouble with incontinence. You never know when a gallon of pee is going to burst out of her.
Sammy is a much more high energy animal than the others around here. He barks whenever Oscar barks. He cries if Mawmaw leaves the room. And he pees on everything. Marks everything. The price for dogsitting Sammy needs to be having carpets cleaned afterwards.
Stubby is a bloody mess. He is constantly pulling out his fur in clumps.
Eddie sleeps in the bathroom sink.
I'm telling you... it's the Land of the Misfit Pets.

Other random things:
We got three cucumbers out of the garden.
My pain has been really bad today but I stayed upstairs with Mama because she has been really, really sleepy all week and I figured it would be too much for her to handle them by herself.
I'm back down in the Whine Cellar and looking forward to a good night's sleep. I'm already sleepy.
For dinner we had fish sticks and french fries.
For lunch I had goldfish - the Pepperidge Farm kind. - and a bowl of ice cream. (balanced, I know)
For breakfast I had a peanut butter and hazelnut butter sandwich.
I'm tired-er than usual because the pain has been worse today and I've just been one of those pain events that I just try to ride out. I don't want to take the strong meds today. I almost never take them two days in a row, I'm so fearful of addiction. Today the culprit is muscle spasms - feel like they're trying to rip my spine apart like a wishbone.

And. Gosh. That's about all I've got for today. Love and hugs, y'all.