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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Tenth of July

I would like for this elephant on my chest to find it's way back to where he belongs. I. can't. breathe.

I have a suspicion that it's at least partially from the water/mold from Austin's room which is the downside of the huge amount of monsoon rain that we've had this year. We reconnected a drain that looked like it was supposed to carry water that comes out of the gutter away from the foundation of the house. Hopefully that will do it. The boys pulled up carpet and there was black mold on the concrete foundation. Not great for someone with my lungs.  I can only imagine how bad it would have been if my mom hadn't busted in there last week and cleaned his room - well - at least knocked out the worst of it. I'm wondering how long it would have gone on and... goodness... it may have been going on for awhile but I really think this past week is what put it over the top.

I spent well over an hour on the phone with the disability attorney today. It was exhausting but necessary. Social Security asked a ton of questions about the scar tissue in my lungs and my tachycardia but not a single question about my back. I was a little a-feared of this but the attorney (or the rep, I should say) said that they probably were easily able to validate the impact of the back problems but needed clarity on the other things. Which I guess is ok. I also had to explain my exact job duties on everything I've done over the past fifteen years. Not as easy as you would think. Especially when I was a little foggy from the previously mentioned elephant.

I actually thought my day to deal with the disability thing was tomorrow and... thank the good Lord, I went ahead and took about thirty minutes this morning to fill in the blanks and get the details I was missing (like the name of the pulmonologist - haven't seen him since 2009 because I don't have to go back unless I have bronchitis or pneumonia lasting more than three months again). I thought maybe my anxiety was  causing the tightness in my chest. (If you're keeping track that's two reasons... ) So that was my one thing I had to do this week and it's over. I think the next thing up is filling prescriptions this weekend. And grocery shopping whenever the magic card comes in the mail. And I have a doctors appointment at some time this month with my regular doctor. Other than that... it's just keeping house and keeping these crazy boys out of trouble.

Austin had Logan over again last night. It sort of helped because he helped with Austin's water-logged room and helped connect the gutter thing and made a trip into town to get ice cream. He also cooked dinner last night. We had tilapia and saffron rice. It was good and it was better because I didn't have to cook. (Although I did have to clean up).

The whole girlfriend moving drama is over, I think. Austin knew it was a battle he wasn't going to win and ultimately, in my opinion, I think he was over it anyways. From what I understand, they broke up but I didn't press for details and he certainly isn't going to talk about it. I know that there are some couples that are ready for a commitment at a young age. I'm so proud of Cody and Marquee because they have both worked SO HARD to build a life together - him by working and her by doing so well in school. They both are ambitious and determined. In Austin's case... she was working hard but he wasn't.... and when they were together it was easier for her to adapt his lifestyle because he surely wasn't going to adapt hers. He readily admitted he's lazy. And yeah... we've got to get him motivated but on the other hand we have to keep things in perspective. He's not there yet. Ryan wasn't at that age and he is a rock star now. I just try to motivate him as best I can.

Speaking of breaking up: I think I'm going to quit playing Castleville. It's my favorite game and I was kickin' butt in it but for the past month + I can't play five minutes without it freezing up which is no fun at all! So if you were used to me gifting you lots of stuff and I suddenly stop, that's why.

I am so disgusted by Justin Bieber. I mean. I've never had the slightest interest in him since I don't listen to popular music and I don't care for teenyboppers. He's had a real public image nightmare over the past year, keeping company with thugs and just being a punk. Then today there was a picture published of him peeing into a mop bucket in a kitchen in a restaurant in NYC. That's disgusting. Bieber, did your mommy skip a step in potty training? Some poor person making minimum wage probably had to be the one to clean it up and hopefully they realized that before they mopped the floor with his pee. It's just punk behavior and he needs to be deported back to Canada, ey.

I'm still on Royal Baby watch and counting on my good friend across the pond, Beth, who rubs shoulders with the Royals to get me the inside story on the delivery. I can't wait for the breaking news that the little King or Queen to be is on the way.

I should never try to blog while watching The Five because my mind is all over the place.

Anyways... our Wednesday is ticking away and it's overcast but hasn't rained yet today. I understand it's hot as blazes but I haven't been out except while talking to my brother on the phone for a brief minute and while taking out the trash (because it wasn't heavy and it was easier to just do it myself). It's another day in paradise, elephant and all.