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My People
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Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - In Which I Demonstrate My Lack of Comprehension of the Word "Quick"

Joining up with The Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday. If you're looking to expand your blog reading, visit there and follow a few links. I've found a few really good blogs through this link-up and it's one of my personal faves.

1. I'm putting some serious consideration to the question of a cell phone again. My cheap little pay-as-you-go phone that I bought right after leaving Jacksonville quit working this Summer and I haven't yet replaced it. In some ways it's been nice as I'm really REALLY not one for extended phone conversations. Here's the thing: when I'm on the phone that's all I do. I consider phone conversations important enough to garner my undivided attention. However, I can't STAND to only do one thing at once. I really can't. So I'm that person that ignores most phone calls unless I'm in the mood to chat. Which isn't often. However, I do like to text and I would love to be able to Instagram and, after talking to my friend earlier this week I realized how truly inaccessible I am for people to whom I would prefer to be accessible. We don't have a landline here at the mountain house so we mostly just use my mom's phone. When she goes back to the 'burbs, she leaves her phone here. I don't like knowing that when she is out and about it is sans phone. I also don't feel like I can really have extended conversations on the rare occasion that I desire an extended conversation. In addition... I'm feeling sort of isolated and lonely and I think having a phone of my own might help. On the other hand... I've got to stretch a really small sum of money over an undetermined period of time until my disability is approved which could be... if I'm honest with myself... another year. I can do the Walmart Family plan for about $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and internet. The cost of the phone I want is about $80. I could qualify for an ObamaPhone. It would save $10 a month off the unlimited plan and/or give me 250 talk minutes a month and some texts - not sure how many. I'm just don't feel right taking charity for something that is really a luxury, not a necessity, at least not in my case. Any thoughts or suggestions? Oh... and I could be added to my parents' plan except they are looking to change plans in a few months and ... well, this is something I feel like I should do myself or not do at all.

2. Wow. Long winded much? I think point one was the opposite of "quick".  My mom and dad, Jim and the girls went out for dinner tonight to celebrate the parents' birthdays which are both in the next week... Pop's is tomorrow and Mom's is next Thursday. I'm dog-sitting. I didn't REALLY have to dog sit, I could have gone but the lower spine is not well today. It's been a hardcore pain pill kind of day. And, well, honestly, my mom tends to stress over the welfare of the dogs when they're alone for any length of time. Old Lily girl is not well and is borderline incontinent. When she has to go, she really has to go. Lady mourns any time she's people-less by moaning and carrying on. Oscar is just rotten. So I'm holding down the fort tonight and... well, I kinda like it.

3. Trying to be more concise... I leveled up TWICE today on Farmville2. I'm sort of a rock star. Or, truly have nothing to do.

4. Since none of the soap operas I used to watch are still on the air (:sob: still grieving Guiding Light) our afternoon television viewing is Grey's Anatomy which is on for three hours every day. I haven't watched it in years... I haven't seen a single one of last season's episodes... and so it's something new every day for me. Now... in order to be able to partake in the excitement of next week's season premiere, I've got to get caught up with last season either via watching - not sure if it's on or netflix? - or by reading the recaps. That's my self-entertainment for the next week. Yeah. It's a thrill a minute here.

5. I've mentioned before that some very dear friends of mine have been through a really rough year. The Ramsaier family came into my life when Purple Michael and I were directing Fiddler on the Roof in 2002. The three girls were cast as three of Tevya's five daughters and their mom was an absolute God-send in costuming.  Eddie got sick earlier this year and ended up paralyzed. This larger than life man has gone through so much this year... so much suffering... I can't even wrap my mind around it. But his beautiful wife and three daughters have been right there by his side all the way. Youngest daughter, Mary, is (I think) a Senior in high school this year and tonight... her high school is honoring this prince of a man by having a "blue out" in his honor at the high school football game tonight. It's amazing to realize how wonderful the community support has been for this family but truly, a testimony to how amazing they've been to their community.

6. We've enjoyed a windows-open week weather wise although today it's been a little too warm for me. I'm sitting with a fan on me. The comfiest chair is also the hottest seat in the house. Tomorrow it's back to rain and cooler temps and I can't wait. Nervous about potential basement leakage but eager to settle the question.

7. If you're a fan of Fall Festivities... Purple Michael is working at Stone Mountain Park's Pumpkinfest. If you're going, let me know and I'll tell you how to find him. Nothing like freaking him out by walking up to him and asking if he's "Purple Michael" since he is only known as such in the blogosphere and... by one of my children. One of my high school friends had a Purple Michael encounter in an elevator once and was giddy at recognizing him from my blog. (Another friend once messaged me from a restaurant with, "I think your nieces are here"... and yes, they were! I bring fame to those in my world.) As far as Leaf Watch 2013... I did see one branch on one tree that was turning red this morning on a drive into town. Also, if you're heading into Cleveland, Georgia this weekend, you should know that there is a dead skunk just east of Truett McConnell College on Highway 115.  You've been warned. Windows up.

And that's my 7 Not-so-quick takes this week. Love and hugs!


monique said...

Yep, for sure get yourself a phone. That is a must have not a luxury. You need one and your mom needs hers.
I only got a "smartphone" a year ago and I don't know what I would do without it. Being able to access the internet is priceless. One thing I cannot do with it is add a comment to your blog. ha ha
I believe your social security will be retro active but I wouldn't wait. I feel much safer with a phone when I'm out and about or home alone.
chicken little here :o)