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My People
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday's Happenings

Maybe if we all wear sweatshirts and drink pumpkin spice lattes and start straightening our hair, it will stop being Summer and start being Fall. I'm two for three and so far... it's still hot and humid enough to sweat. I don't need Winter. I just need to not sweat. Is that too much to ask?

Today my mom and I made a journey into Cornelia (pronounced without the "r" by locals) to look at carpet tiles and dishwashers and paint. They allow dogs in Lowe's so we took Oscar along with us. Then as we were listening to the sales pitch of the appliance salesman, Oscar made a poo. A big ole stinkin' poo in the middle of Lowe's. The salesman gave us paper towels and mom cleaned it up but it smelled SO bad that we wrapped it up in the towel that we had Oscar wrapped in... and because neither my mom nor myself can walk long distances we couldn't carry it to the restroom on the other side of the store... so we completed our shopping trip with that steaming pile of poo in our cart. Never a dull moment, I tell you.

And of course, Murphy's Law, they didn't have the model of dishwasher we wanted in the color we wanted unless we could wait for them to ship from the factory two weeks from now... they no longer stock carpet tiles... and we decided to take paint samples home for Austin to review since the paint is for his room. All that just to buy a can of mineral spirits and some drop cloths. The color he chose, in case you're wondering, is black with a deep purple accent stripe. His room doesn't have a window and would never really be used as a bedroom - a storm shelter or a home theater, maybe - but never a bedroom for anyone other than a kid who doesn't like daylight.

The rest of the day has been my standard Sunday... trying to find a comfortable position and something interesting on television. I decided to take the plunge back into online gaming with Farmville 2. I used to do the online games for hours a day and decided that it would be a better use of my time and talents to spend that time working on my genealogy research and that's what I've done for the past ... I don't know ... month or so. I just needed something less intellectually stimulating today. It worked. I felt more relaxed.

I also decided to break out the $400 tens unit I have an try that for my back pain. I'm really at my self-imposed pharmaceutical limit, I can't physically do less than I'm doing now and I'm tired of hurting all the time. I'm so sedentary that today a spider used me as an anchor for his web. Not kidding. The tens unit DID help some although it's a big gigantic pain to get the little sticky things in the right places and to find the right level of JOLT to lessen the pain and not throw my heart out of rhythm. It's not a great everyday solution but it's something that helps enough to include it in my bag of tricks.

So... Austin has this friend, Fat Pat, who is 21 or so who has been sort of in between places to live for reasons that I never quite bothered to learn (my mom knows more of the story than I do) and so he's kinda been crashing here... um... often, I guess.. for about the past two weeks. And every stinkin' time I get ready to go somewhere, his truck is parked behind me. We have a driveway easily wide enough for two cars and he parks behind me. This morning when we left for Lowe's he was behind me. This afternoon when he came home from work he parked behind me. And so I said to him this afternoon, "why... when there is room for two cars to park side by side... why do you always park behind me?" and he said... "so Pop has somewhere to park". To which I said... "do you know that Pop is usually only here one night a week?" Hadn't a clue. That kid has been here of and on all Summer and pretty much non-stop for the past week or so and he hadn't realized that Pop isn't here every day. I fear for the next generation.

Anyways... so this evening mom started staining the deck, something that has been on the home improvement list for a year now. The part she did looks great and if it wasn't dark and she wasn't in her nightgown when she was doing it, I would have taken a picture for you. Living in the country makes you feel like you can stay in your nightgown all the time, I suppose. That's the project of the week... that, and finding carpet tiles for the basement so I can start living downstairs again.

Little Kitty apparently is missing our basement apartment. I always give the cats treats when I come upstairs for the evening and he didn't show up at treat time which turned into a big, anxious kitty search and mom found him down in the Whine Cellar. Missing his home. Of course, once he came upstairs and we finally convinced the dogs to go back DOWNstairs, he had his treats and then rolled around gleefully on his back for a few minutes... which makes him look like penguin. He's such a doll. Home is wherever there's someone willing to rub your belly.

Have you ever noticed that on facebook you can have people who are not your friends that "follow" you? I think I knew it but never really thought about anyone following me that wouldn't just be my friend. I'm not exactly sharing great literary masterpieces or State secrets. In fact, I'm fairly boring, I would say. So... I checked my list of followers this afternoon and found that an ex-boss and an ex-husband were both following me. The ex-husband, honestly, I'd be friends with him because we share three children and I do post a lot of pictures of them and there's nothing I would put on facebook that I wouldn't tell him if we talked, which we never do because, well, he's my ex-husband. The ex-boss, though, that creeped me out. Why? What reason would he have to want to know what I'm doing? To make sure I don't say anything about him? Serious creeper.

But anyways... that's about it for today, folks. Hope you had a great weekend. Love and hugs!


45 and Fabulous! said...

You can block followers by going to their profile and blocking them. I've blocked people that I don't know and look like spammers. I don't like being followed by strangers. :-)