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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random Saturday Stuff

Orzo is the Easter grass of the food world. I made my fabulous orzo with chicken sausage and kale and it was SO GOOD but I've been picking orzo out of the sink... off dishes... out of my hair... out of the cat's fur... it's everywhere. My hair was in my face while I was cooking so I quickly put it in a bun. Turned out pretty good. I think I'm becoming an expert mirrorless hair stylist.

Fixed my hair this morning but ended up w/a bun.
First world problems: after watching football on HD all day, the Florida/Kentucky game isn't in HD. It actually hurts my eyes to watch non-HD football.

Awesome game between Georgia and LSU today. So much passion in the game with the players, coaches, fans... it's the reason I watch college football. That's what it's all about. And for all you jerks who made fun of Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow when they got emotional about football - I think I saw both Mark Richt and Aaron Murray wiping tears post-game. It happens. You leave it all out on the field.

I'm still a Gator fan. My kids give me grief for it but my love for the Gators was OBVIOUSLY deeper than my love for my Gator husband. I've married a Bama fan and a Gator fan. Both blue eyed Catholic boys. Maybe I should try to find a brown-eyed Baptist ACC fan or something. Whatever other conferences there are. Because, you know, unless it's SEC or a ranked team, I just don't care to watch them play.

Austin has been working on cleaning out the shed. The big door on it had a padlock on it and we don't have a key. Leave it to Austin and Logan... they were able to dismantle the lock. *proud mama* My kid can unlock any lock. He says he's cleaned in there. I don't really remember what it looked like before but he seemed to be fairly well occupied with the task. Any time he's in a good mood and voluntarily doing anything, I'm ok with it.

I heard a lawnmower start up outside and rushed to the porch to see if my kid was cutting grass without any prodding from me. It was across the lake. I told Austin to walk around there and find out how much they charge.

We're sort of at that happy time of year where the grass isn't growing quite as quickly which works well for my kid who is not a landscaper by nature. You can tell by the pictures... grass hasn't been cut in two weeks and it's not that bad.

Boy that shed needs painting.

One of my second cousins, Alisha, had a baby on Monday. Today HER cousin, Rachel, also my second cousin, announced that she is expecting a baby in March. There's also another baby coming in between now and then so that's three new great-grandbabies for our Steel Magnolia, Aunt Bette (my grandma's sister). There were six kids in their family and they all had a bunch of kids. They have fifty plus every year at Thanksgiving. There aren't that many of us. We'll be getting together in November for my grandma's 90th birthday but honestly, that's the first time we've all been together since her 85th. And even with that, it's a fair bet that 3 out of my 4 brothers will be missing. One because they don't do birthdays. One because he's a long way away. And one just because.

On my mom's side of the family, however, there are more than an hundred of us. We just don't ever gather in one place. A reunion here or there but not all at one time.

Other than a trip to the bakery this morning and cooking dinner... I haven't done much today. Just football and Farmville2. I had hoped to get to Lowe's to get Austin's paint for his room but by the time he was vertical this morning afternoon I was already out of steam. Trying again tomorrow.

The bad headaches I was having earlier this week have eased up. I was drinking grape juice from Sunday through Thursday and it occurs to me that it might have been the cause of my headaches. I can't drink red wine. Maybe? Any of you food experts have any idea?

Hope you're having a good weekend. Love and hugs, y'all.