My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Did Today/ Photo Dump

Is it too soon for another photo dump post? Because me and my camera left the compound today which always seems blogworthy.

Not only did I leave the house... but I drove into town on a Chamber of Commerce day with perfect just-beginning-to-be-fall weather and a gentle breeze blowing the leaves off the trees. I didn't actually get a picture of THAT scene, though. I was too busy keeping it between the lines... and ooohing and aaaahing over it all. And taking self portraits while driving.

The leaves aren't really a-changing yet but there are a few that are sort of looking that way. Don't want to cause a stampede of people trying to get into Helen before Fall is over - trust me, there's plenty of time. Space yourselves out. Honestly, the best part of being here is being here for those little bursts of beauty minus the traffic of a leaf watching weekend.

What else can I tell you about my day?
Spider web outside my window
Mom stained the other side of the deck and I SWEAR that every time I tried to go to the bathroom she would holler for me for something or another. (only twice, but in Heather's land of dramatic exaggeration that's a lot)

We kept the windows open to let the fresh - and sorta slightly cool - air blow through. Cool enough that I changed out of shorts into a long skirt and put on socks.

The carpet tiles for the downstairs were delivered - a week early than expected and they were the wrong color. They're blue. We ordered brown. My mom is such a motivated do-it-yourselfer that I wouldn't be surprised to get up tomorrow morning to find that she decided to just go ahead and keep the blue rather than wait to exchange them.

Austin stopped by. He's still on "Logan's Mom Out of Town" vacay but had forgotten to take his wallet with him.
this morning on the lake

The satellite went out and I spent more than an hour trying to call and/or get a technician online. Turned out there was a "contract problem" in "our area" that led to the loss of every channel except the tv guide channel. I saved the transcript of my chat with the (un)helpful technician but I'm afraid my blood pressure would go up if I had to read it again. The problem was resolved after missing the first hour and a half of my daily Grey's Anatomy marathon. I don't watch much on tv any more. Those three hours of Grey's Anatomy are important.

I got a call from the disability lawyer's office letting me know that I'm going to be getting another questionnaire from Social Security so they made an appointment for a telephone call to help me complete that. It always makes me giggle when I get a phone call to schedule a phone call. I had sort of put the whole disability thing out of my mind for the past few weeks because honestly, if I thought about it more often it would make me crazy. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Mom and Oscar seeing me off this morning
I went to the grocery store for snacks because we were out of pretty much everything but popcorn and ice cream and I'm a snacker. I don't eat meals much because I just can't eat that much at a time any more but I like having a few munchies around. Would you be interested to know that I bought kitkats, sunflower seeds, fig newtons, pretzel rods, alouette cheese and a baguette for myself and Little Debbie Nutty Bars (for my mom). Not that mom can't eat my stuff. She just didn't request anything specific except the nutty bars. I also bought candy corn because it felt like Fall.

I took a lot of pictures on my drive home. You can see how wooded and forest-y it is. It's lovely during the day but sort of scary dark at night.

We heard voices from across the lake this afternoon. I mean, there are other houses besides ours but you never hear them.

And that's about it. Hope your Tuesday was delightful! Love and hugs! (more pictures to follow)

This is the closest store to us... Kudzu & Kooters... they sell bait and fresh eggs. What else could we need?

The long and winding road.... that leads... to our home...

I always want to go into abandoned houses but don't. 

Don't want to make the wrong turn....

from the top of the driveway...