My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, September 9, 2013

Photo Dump

Today's big event was another trip to Lowe's in Cornelia ("Cunn-eelya") to pick out a dishwasher. We abandoned this errand yesterday thanks to the steaming pile of poo we were carrying in our shopping cart. Today was "take two" and it was an ordeal, even minus dog and dog poo. Between an older employee who was - let's just say it was obvious that he wasn't crazy about his job - and computer problems, it took well over an hour to place an order for a dishwasher. Then there was confusion over the paint we need for the deck... it's some high quality stuff that fills in cracks and makes a smoother deck floor. But they were out so they told us to go to the check out and just pre-pay for it so that when it comes in they have to set what we've already paid for aside for us to pick up... and that the ladies there would know what to do. She didn't. It took fuh-ever to get checked out... and it was hot... and I was on my feet for too long... and that was about all I managed to do today other than fixing dinner and washing a few dishes (you know, since the dishwasher is broken and the new one won't be here until the 20th.) And since there's nothing much to say about today... here's a photo dump from the past week. Happy Monday, friends!