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My People
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Two Parter

Monday night....

Little Doggie is not here so Giant Kitty sleeps in his spot.
I have a really, really bad headache. 
I had one yesterday too. It went away and came back.
It's awful. Just awful. It makes it hard for me to think straight.
So I'll think curvy. *wink*

Today I picked up my nieces from school and we went into Clarkesville to run some errands. At an intersection a car failed to yield and turned right in front of me.... so I said, "what made him think he could turn right in front of me?" and Sarabeth said, "actually... Aunt Heather... he turned left".
Yes, she's one of us.

So I corrected, "what made him think he could turn immediately before my approach?"
Imagine that times twenty-six. That's my family.

The new, better carpet came today from It's on the porch waiting for Austin to bring it in the house.

For dinner I cooked frozen fish, canned green beans and canned okra and tomatoes. It was my worst effort in years. Seriously. A bowl of cereal would have been better.

This is MY spot in my bed but Little Kitty disagrees.
I took the girls to McDonalds for what was going to be a late lunch, early dinner but I under-estimated how much two little girls can eat right after school. I was thinking they could split a large fry and me and Austin could split a large fry and it turned out that they can eat a whole large fry by themselves. Plus a cheeseburger a piece. 
They've got another ten years of that fabulous metabolism left, at least. More, I hope.

Today was grocery day and I just didn't have it in me. Plus, I was waiting on Fed-ex.
Tomorrow will be grocery day if it's headache free.

I am SO excited about the return of How I Met Your Mother tonight. I love that show!

I also love Neil Patrick Harris but the Emmy's were so boring last night that I went to bed at ten although Jim Parson's acceptance speech was sweet and so genuine. I adore him.

I still haven't caught up on Grey's Anatomy's last season. I have three more days before the new one starts.

Today I used the DVR. It was my first time. And by "used it" I mean that Austin recorded for me and pushed start for me and ... when I got distracted by cooking dinner and talking to my mom on the phone, he paused it and rewound it for me.
You would think, because I blog, that I'm technologically progressive and all that but I'm really not.

Woke up this morning and he was laying right beside me. Like a person. 
I had a real conversation with my older niece today about bra shopping. She will be eleven next month.
I bought a new one yesterday and it fits great but the parts don't hold together as well as I hoped. That's what happens when you buy a $5 bra at Dollar General. 
She was describing the flaws in her bras... one is pink so it shows through... one is just a sports bra and one is too small... I totally feel her pain. The struggle to find the right bra is a lifelong journey. When I find a style that I like, I buy several. I'm in a drought right now. Not loving what I have... not finding what I want. 

In related news, my sensory sensitive son was delighted at the very soft shorts I found for him on the clearance rack. I must go back and see if there are more. He is so picky about fabrics... hence his addiction to pajama pants. He can't stand jeans or khakis. I do good to get him to wear something more than just boxers.

Jamie's messy room. God bless her. 
Jamie was restricted from watching tv until she cleaned her room. She told me this in the car... and I said, "I am officially of no opinion regarding this." Because I feel strongly that my job is to never, ever, ever, contradict their parents. Nor do I want to nag or pile on. 

And that room... was a mess.

I told her that it's genetic. She's related to Austin. (Also, Pop makes a mess when he cooks but don't tell him I said that.)

Anyways... so when we got to their house Jamie asked me to come upstairs and help her clean. I explained that my back was really bothering me and the stairs would hurt. So she took my camera up and took several pictures to get suggestions on what to do. And then as I gave suggestions from downstairs she begged me to come up and help her. She asked if it hurt worse going up or coming down. I said, "going up". She said, "then come on up and the worst part will be over."

More messy room.
You really can't argue with that logic. Like I said, one of us.

So I went up and coached her.... I didn't actually clean FOR HER. I just gave her a few tips like, make the bed first... hang your extra blankets over the foot of the bed so they're off the floor and easily available... remove dirty clothes and books and trash to start... group similar things. She was making progress but she's just a little butterfly that cleaning turns into a celebration of her little treasures. Just. Like. Me. 

Then her dad came home and I left her to his supervision.

My kid is picky about what he'll wear but he'll eat anything. He's putting the billy goat treatment to that disgrace of a dinner I fixed.

Tuesday afternoon... 
And... still more messy room. 
I forgot to mention yesterday how much I loved having my little niece get in the car and ask me to turn the radio up because her favorite song was on. I listen to 104.7 the Fish which plays contemporary Christian music. It's always uplifting, positive stuff and I don't have to worry that they're going to hear something they shouldn't. Nothing like riding with the windows down on a mild Fall day with the music playing and everybody singing along. 

I also forgot to mention that my older niece said she has a letter ready to mail to the radio station complaining about the commercials. She says they are not positive and uplifting because they interrupt the music. I explained (from my scant, thimble-full of knowledge of these things) that even though the radio stations buy the music, it's not like owning a cd that you can play over and over without ever having to pay again... there's a fee or royalty or something else that has to go to the artist every time a song is played. I don't really know a lot about it but I know they have to pay something else. 

I woke up this morning with an earache and while I was putting on makeup I notice something black in my ear... just outside the canal... it was about the size of a bb... maybe a bug... I couldn't tell even after close examination. I did not take a picture to show you. You're welcome. It was REALLY disgusting and creepy and my ear still hurts. I hope that it wasn't the outer shell of something really disgusting that is still in my ear. It feels like I'm in a bad episode of Grey's Anatomy. :shudder:

Stubby contemplates exploring the basement. So far he's only gone upstairs.
After that... I cleaned up three spots of cat vomit. Two different kinds. There's the super chunky, barely chewed food kind that comes from Stubby, who is a big ole greedy glutton at feeding time. Then there's the mucous encased hairballs that Little Kitty throws up. Good times. Neither is fun first thing in the morning. 

And then I went grocery shopping. And then I brought the groceries in by myself because my kid wouldn't get his lazy butt out of bed to help. And then I put the groceries away all by myself. 

And then when my lazy kid got out of bed I made him clean out the litter boxes in retaliation. He was actually contrite and apologetic and didn't protest in the least. 

And then I made him load the dishwasher. Last night he was all sympathetic about my really REALLY bad headache and volunteered to clean up from dinner and then he went out with a friend and didn't clean. I started to do it when I first got up, you know, in between playing exterminator for my ears and cleaning cat vomit and I decided that since it's just me and him, I would let that job wait for him. 

It's cool and overcast today. I'm wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt and my toes are cold. 

I've done all the work I have to do and now I'm just going to sit here and stare at the tv and play Farmville2. 

Happy Tuesday. Sorry it took so long to put this together. Sorry it was so long. Thanks for stopping by. Love and hugs!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I first have to say that I really love your unique style of writing. You should write a book.
Ahhh cat vomit. I have one that projectile vomits over everything and usually from a high perch so she can get launch and maximum splatter potential from each issue. Sometimes she is nice and leaves them like little coughed up turds laying on the floor. Is the bug out of your ear?