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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Painting Austin's Room

It's Alfie Boe's birthday. He's such a doll.

Have you checked out his youtube videos with Matt Lucas? They're the best thing on the w-cubed, if you ask me.
It's also Sunday which means I'm watching PBS all day, which is fitting since AB is a huge supporter of PBS. And I'm such a fangirl. Or as Logan said this morning, " a fan man", which struck me as hilarious. Not that he's an Alfie fan. I doubt he knows who he is. Alfie requires a more "refined palate".

He was just using "fan man" as the gender opposite of "fan girl".

(photos snagged without permission from Alfie's facebook page. I told you, "fan girl").

I'm also watching Idina Menzel on some random channel I've never noticed before. Love her too.

I took the "kids" to Lowe's with me this morning to buy paint for Austin's room. He's doing black and purple. He's always wanted a black room so he's happy. The room doesn't have a window so it would never really be a bedroom. If not for Austin it would be a storage room. So the black is ok.

Worst case scenario we could make it a media room.

It says, "I was born in the darkness". From Batman.

I've been stressed about some of that black paint getting tracked out onto the last bit of remaining, non-moldy carpet. I even bought shoe covers for him to use. He just came upstairs with paint splatters covering him from head to toe. He says it came from cleaning rollers. I swear. Sometimes it's like raising a five year old, only worse because I can't hog-tie him.

The black is a flat finish and the purple has a little more gloss to it. The black doesn't look flat here because it's wet. I really love how the purple turned out and told Austin we might end up painting the bathroom purple. But only after really carefully taping everything up and putting down drop cloths. We're not putting carpet in Austin's room so he was given the go ahead to just drip paint on the cement floor. He has a big rug that will take up all the exposed space in the room once a bed is moved in there.

I would love to put a big zebra print rug in there but honestly, I can't allow myself to get all Better Homes and Gardens on this project because ultimately, it's Austin's room which means it will end up being a penicillin farm. I need to put my decorative efforts and budget toward my living room/bedroom.

But he's happy. He's working towards getting his room together so we can get him moved back in... then we can get me moved back to my bedroom for sleeping... and hopefully next weekend we can get the carpet tiles laid.

Then I'll have to find something new to complain about. *wink* Just kidding. I've been a complainer all my life and although I try hard to break the habit, it just comes naturally.

Hard to complain about this scene, though... we had such a beautiful morning today! And I know I always talk about the weather (and Alfie Boe) but honestly... it's the most perfect time of the year. I very much love being here this time of year. Very much.

As usual, Little Kitty had to go with me to supervise my supervision of Austin's painting project. And of course, assumed his, "I'm the Big Cat In Charge" position.

And then Eddie Cat was on the basement stairs hollering wanting to know where we went. Because I'm just an oversized cat toy.

An oversized cat toy fan girl documentary watcher.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


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