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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, September 9, 2016

Cosy Day!

Sorry I didn't manage to get a blog up yesterday. I literally wear myself out playing when either grandbaby is around. I don't know it it's taking a greater toll lately because they're more mobile or because I'm less mobile! I just ran out of steam yesterday and crashed before I could put together a blog post.

There was a lot going on yesterday and some of it happened all at the same time. Mawmaw had a doctor appointment. Pop had to pick Jamie up from school in Habersham County and take her to rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast in White County. We had a new washing machine being delivered and, of course, it was Cosy Day!

When there's any one new around here doing anything around the house you have to 1. make sure Oscar doesn't eat them. 2. make sure the cats don't slip out through an open door ... and then of course all the other things you do when there's someone in your house such as show them where to go and all that. We divided and conquered and that meant Austin was on animal/workman patrol for a bit and I was the Cosette Camille Entertainment Committee. She is a well behaved little lady and I love every second with her but it is easier when her dad is the one doing the chasing. I don't transition quickly!

When we arrived at the pickup/delivery spot Cosette spotted me first and then started frantically looking around for her daddy. She does such a great job with that morning transition and I don't take it for granted! Love that she loves to go with him!

We started our day with breakfast at Chickfila. We intended to let Cosy play but there were a lot of bigger children in the playground - homeschooled, I guess? - and she was just a really sleepy girl. She had grilled nuggets dipped in Chickfila sauce. I bought fruit and tried to get her to eat that (Nana's never-ending effort to get my spawn to eat healthy foods) but she wasn't the least bit interested. She did, however, quite enjoy her dad's fries. I bought her hashbrowns but her dad veto'ed them as being too greasy. (maybe they ARE listening to me!). I took a dozen pictures of her dipping because she was so sweet and dainty  about it. She is such a delicate little lady!

We had the intention of taking her to Story Time at the library but she was really dragging, sleepy, clingy. Her dad had stepped out to smoke a cigarette while we were finishing breakfast and - although she didn't cry - she was anxiously waiting for him to come back and kept staring at the door he had gone through until he came back. When he took her out of the high chair she went all "spider monkey" clingy on him. She wraps herself around him tight! We decided we would try Story Time another day.

We stopped by Ingles because Austin needed a few things (and he always loves showing her off to his co-workers). She giggled and played with my phone (and changed some settings on my phone that I'm still trying to fix) while we were in the store. She holds the phone in front of her like she's taking a selfie. It's pretty durn cute! Complete strangers always come up to us and comment on how adorable she is. I don't know if that's the difference of living in a small town or the difference in having a little girl or if she just is that adorable... but she will actually look disappointed if someone walks by and doesn't smile or wave or stop to admire her. I don't worry about this because she's still got a pretty strong sense of stranger danger. She'll flirt and smile but if a stranger tries to hold her she will NOT have it.

We went on home and let her play with some new (to her) toys that Mawmaw had brought down from the attic. My screened in porch is a great playroom/play pen, as is the covered porch upstairs. As the weather is (just barely) starting to cool off we are getting more and more enjoyment of our outdoor living space. I anticipate spending a lot more time outdoors during the Fall - and even through most of the Winter it's comfortable outside here. My porch floor is concrete so I set down a big piece of memory foam under her alphabet mat so she had a big comfy place to sit and play. She's up and down a lot, especially when she sees the cats. She can also wander in and out from the porch to my living room so we leave one of "her shows" playing on the tv.

She didn't have a long playtime in the morning because she was just so sleepy. Her dad decided to try to get her down for a nap just a little after 11 - which is way early - but it only took a few minutes for her to crash. She really was tired.

After nap we gave her a snack/lunch. She likes to feed herself and she likes to just carry her food around with her so we let her. When we're in a restaurant she's very well-behaved and stays in her high chair but at our house, we're more grazers than we are meal-eaters. I gave her string cheese which she really enjoyed - and more of the dried apples that she loves. She ended up have two servings of each. I tried her with some butternut squash and she was not a fan. Austin think it's the texture. I wanted to crisp it up so it would be like french fries and then let her dip it but it didn't work out that way. She also had three jelly beans... and would have eaten a lot more if her dad had let her.

Throughout the afternoon chaos we played and played and played. She entertained herself with washi tape for a long time. Washi tape is craft tape, sort of like colored duct tape but it is only mildly adhesive, like painter's tape, so she can stick it on and take it off repeatedly. She also enjoyed brushing her hair and "putting on makeup" with my makeup brushes. She played with the cats. She played ball. She danced and sang and just had a wonderful afternoon.

Her dad thought she might need another nap and she sure did... just a little one... but once again she fell asleep quickly and had a nice cuddle with her daddy (who also naps when she does).

Right before time to go she was walking into my living room and abruptly stopped. Her daddy was behind her and he couldn't stop himself in time. His knee hit the back of her head and she fell. She was only hurt a little bit but her feelings were crushed! She kept giving her dad the evil eye and wanted Mawmaw and Nana to cuddle her and NOT dad. Even in the car on the way home she would glare at him - but then giggle. We made sure to let her mom know... just because it was a bump on the head which you always want to keep an eye on.

Austin is always sure to let me know how much he appreciates me helping with Cosette. I jokingly told him I'd see him again next Thursday - but that I wasn't moving until then! I capitulated that I would pick him up from work Wednesday night but other than that... NOT MOVING! Although... actually I'll probably pick him up Sunday because I have prescriptions to get filled.


For dinner Pop got takeout from Cottage House, a local meat-and-three restaurant. I had their hamburger steak patty with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was really yummy! Then I treated myself to some salted caramel gelato and fell asleep with my laptop in my lap.

I'm literally having a pajama Friday and have already had a nap this morning. Tired but so happy! And so blessed!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Love and hugs!

(if you want to see a larger version of the pictures, just click on them and they will open in a separate window where they will be larger. I used smaller versions to get more photos in this time!)


slj said...

Cosy is adorable!! She has so many of Austins facial expressions..You are all blessed to have each other :)


Anchoredwife said...

I'm so thankful Cosy is able to come around. It really should be more than 1 day a week but I know how,thankful yall are.