My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, September 10, 2016

FaceTime Friday on Saturday via Facebook

I have all these great photos of Oliver from Facetime this week but I had to load these on to Facebook to be able to bring them to Blogger. It's complicated. Usually I can text photos to my email but since I had to change my password a few weeks back sometimes my phone will not communicate with my email. Apparently they had a falling out. So you may have already seen these on Facebook. Bummer. I still want to post them on the blog because ten years from now I may not be able to find the exact post on Facebook. Or blogger. Who knows what technology we'll have then. I'm betting I'll still have to ask my kids how to do things. Just remember kids... I had to teach you how to use a spoon.

Anyways. So. My mom's biopsy came back and the cancer is back. This time surgery can't fix it. She sees an oncologist next week to see what can be done. We're just sort of absorbing it and... you know... thinking about the things you think about in times like these. We'll know more next week and I'll talk about it when we know more if she's willing for me to talk about it. A lot of the people who read my blog are people we know or have known in real life so I want to keep you as up to date as I can but really all we know at this point is that it is cancer again and it is inoperable. So there's that.

I just looked at the clock and it's already 4pm and honestly, I can't tell you anything I've done today that was constructive or blog worthy. I had oatmeal with dried cherries for breakfast. I had a healthy choice meal for lunch. I've eaten two luigi's today. I've watch a lot of mismatched football games. My brother and sister-in-law came by and I visited with them for a bit. Then the Florida State game came on and I knew there would be a pop quiz later with Cody so I went back to my Nest to watch FSU. I'm obsessed with an app that gives you Disney emoji's and I've played that a lot today. I've worked on my Italian lessons OF COURSE. Never miss a day. I'm still tired from Thursday because my spine is just not conducive to crawling around on the floor and I refuse to stop playing with my grandbabies until I can no longer manage to get myself up off the floor. I've watched some youtube videos.

There's a big scandal over one channel on YouTube because the family traveled internationally on an airplane with a toddler with chickenpox and went to great lengths to hide it, like, allegedly using mom's concealer and then trying to say that they flew home on a different day than what they actually did. Their story was blown because they were spotted in the airport later than when they said they flew. Once people started figuring it out they threw out a "guess what? we're pregnant" shiny penny. So much drama. But it's good drama (for me) because I can watch it and not have to be emotionally invested. I want to not feel all the feels for the time being. Someone else messing up... yes, I'll watch that. Hopefully no one else gets sick because of being unwittingly exposed to chickenpox. Cody nearly died from chickenpox. It's no joking matter, for sure. The amusing part to me is that they film their lives every day and post to YouTube and they think they can pull a fast one.

So... I guess that's about all I have to share today. Hope you're having a great weekend. Talk to you next time! Love and hugs!