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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Laptop, New Photo Editing Software

It's nearly 1pm and my new laptop has not yet arrived. I'm pouting. It's out for delivery, probably via UPS. A lot of deliveries transfer from UPS & FedEx to our local post office for final delivery because ... I don't know, rural, I guess... and I have had in the past where they say "out for delivery" and it comes the next day with the regular mail run. I guess you can't have it all.

I remember this quote and although the person who said it isn't my favorite, it holds true... He would say that their business could get things done fast, cheap and well-done - but you could only pick two of those. If it was fast and cheap it wouldn't be done well. If it was fast and done well it wouldn't be cheap. If it was cheap and done well it wouldn't be fast... you get the picture.

I feel like living out here in the country gives me a lot of peace and quiet, less stress, slower pace, friendly people... lots of benefits of living in a small town. The downside is that instead of rushing out to a computer store on Friday and replacing my laptop I ordered from Amazon and am at the mercy of whatever delivery system is available. "Slow boat from China" is what it feels like to me.


It's just after 2pm and my new laptop is here and mostly set up to my liking. The keyboard doesn't have the same feel as my last one - the key spacing is the same, just doesn't have the same grooves worn into it. This laptop has touch screen capability which kinda blows my mind. I haven't investigated all the bells and whistles and I probably won't ever. I'll stumble across them like I always do... if it doesn't do what I want then I'll figure out why. I got the basics done, though.

Unfortunately Picasa has been phased out so I can't download it. It has been my go-to photo editor almost since I got my first digital camera. I'll play around with the new Google Photos page and see what capability it gives me. Stay tuned... it may be the end of grandbaby/cat photos by the dozens.

I'm drinking an Arnold Palmer in his honor ... and because I'm out of the peach tea that I love. I could have made a trip to the store but this is the first day in forever that I've had zero responsibilities and I didn't want to make any unnecessary movements today. The weather is changing which always brings in a different kind of pain. I didn't sleep well last night. Had a hard time finding a comfortable position. You know you have "positional" issues when you attempt to sleep on your knees on an ottoman with your head on a daybed. It felt great on my back and hips but then my knees started complaining. I found a comfy position this morning that was so I awesome I posted about it on Facebook. Then the cat pounced me and screwed everything up again.


It's now just after 3pm and I've been doing research on photo editing apps. I'm using Adobe Express right now and I don't love it. Picasa allowed me to upload a bunch of photos and quickly flip through them to see what was usable and what wasn't. I almost always adjust the light in my photos and usually crop them. It's a bit clunky with Adobe but I'm going to play around with it and see if I can figure it out. If you have any suggestions for user-friendly free photo editing software, please do share! The photos I'm using in this blog entry are unedited.

This may determine what I do when it's time to get a new digital camera. The only reason I use the digital in addition to my phone is the ease of editing a large number of photos. I can edit on the phone more easily than this Adobe Express is working for me. Changing technology is so frustrating!

Anyways... hope your week is going well. Enjoy the rest of the photos - these are all from Saturday - and I'll hopefully have some more (better, edited) photos to share next time. Love and hugs!

 Oliver investigates Cosette's stash of toys... including dolls... you can see his brain going, "what is this.....?"
 This is Cosette saying, "my chair. don't even think about sitting in my Elsa and Anna chair."
 "I'll just touch her ear...."
This is the balloon that amazed Cosette. She kept looking at the balloon attached to Oliver and saying, "WHOA!" It's funny because she is very quiet and then she says "WHOA!!!" loudly.
 Oliver just wants a hug.
 Cousin Jamie gives Oliver a hand with some water. Not sure whose water. Both babies just tend to grab whatever beverage is closest. Good thing we're not drinkers.
 Playing "what's in the watering can" together.
 Is it just my mushy Nana heart or is the fact that he wants to hug her or touch her the sweetest thing ever? Oliver is such a rough, tough little boy but he is the sweetest! I always said that Austin was my youngest but Cody was my baby because he has the most tender heart. I can see so much of that in Ollie!
Pet the cousin....

My attempt at editing. Major fail. Cute outfit on Cosy, though, right?

We'll try again tomorrow.


monica said...

Coay has that chair on lockdown. The two of them together is a real show.
Ollie is really impressed with her but she's not that into him. Funny!
When these 2 start to talk, I would love to be a fly on the wall. So cute.
Your new laptop sounds really nice. I won't be getting one until this 3 yr. old
collapses or gets way out of date. I know zero about photo editing etc, but
smart phones are taking over the camera business. Your pics are always good quality however you take them.
This change of weather time of the year is a pita for someone with your particular
aches & pains. Very aggravating, I know.
I really don't live in the country and a lot of my Amazon Prime takes 3 or 4 days.
Anything coming via FedEx I automatically know will be delayed. UPS is always on time. The NO.
Sleep tight,

monica said...

oh my *Cosy*