My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, September 2, 2016


I spent a long time working on my Italian lessons today and the day has flown by...  I meant for today to be a rest day so I guess it was. Writing Italian words in my notebook in Sharpie is restful!

I didn't blog about this yesterday because I was honestly... so exhausted by the time I blogged last night. As we were on our way to take Cosette back to her mom last night there was a wreck that happened right in front of us, coming out of our subdivision (on Duncan Bridge Road, for those who are local). Austin realized that he knew the person in one of the cars because they work at Ingles so he jumped right out of the car and went to help. I didn't stop because we didn't know if anyone was hurt and how bad and I didn't want Cosette to see something she couldn't unsee. It was a very scary wreck and could have been a lot, lot worse. Fortunately no one was injured. Cars damaged but not people.

Cosette was really clingy with her dad yesterday so she was a little stressed that he got out of the car. I was going to just drive her on to our meeting spot by myself but... she's actually never ridden in a car without someone in the backseat with her. The last thing I wanted was for her to go back to her mom upset so I pulled over and called her mom and told her what was going on and asked if she wanted me to just go straight to her house (I was literally less than a mile from their house and the meeting spot is several miles away). Mom said for me to just take her home. I did... and pulled her out of her carseat and let her sit up front with me while we waited in the driveway for her mom to get home. Cosy thought sitting in the front of the car was really funny and loved touching all the buttons and knobs. It was funny!

I feel like things are settling down now that we have had successful visits with Cosy. Her mom is back on my Facebook because I post a lot of stuff about Cosy and I wanted her to be able to see that, especially when Cosy is with us. It's sort of like... she's the mom of my grandchild. We'll always carry some hurt in our hearts from the time that Cosy was away from us but I also want to do everything I can to make Cosette's like peaceful. I don't want her to feel pulled and I don't want her to know a world where we don't get along. We still have mediation to go through - now postponed until October. Hopefully we'll sort things out well enough that our next day in court is just a matter of "here's what we've worked out" and the judge can just sign off on it. That's my hope. In the meantime, I try to make sure Cosy's mommy knows what is going on with Cosy when she's with us, to the extent that I can reasonably do. Some of the time I'm driving. And some of the time I'm on the floor playing and so on. But when I can, I text and I send photos during the day and make sure mom knows what she's eaten and done during the day. Obviously, we love Cosy very much and we treasure our time with her but I don't see that time as a time where her mama has to be completely blocked out of her life any more than we want to be blocked from her life when she's with her mom. It's complicated but I feel like it's getting better.

Tomorrow Oliver and his parents are coming up so we can celebrate Cody's birthday so there will be lots of Ollie photos in my next blog (maybe some with Cosy... we'll see....)  BUT... I did take a few the other day on Facetime that I thought were adorable. We Facetimed tonight but I didn't take any pictures. Oliver was giving me LOTS of kisses tonight on Facetime so there would have been a lot of close ups of sweet baby kisses. He is also getting really good at saying "Nana".

Cosy is very quiet. She sings ... which is precious. And every now and then she says something loud and random. Yesterday Oscar was barking loudly at... who knows... the wind blowing... and she hollared, "SHUP!" which was obviously... her way of saying "shut up". After we quit laughing we told her that we say "SHHHHH!" and she mimicked us. She did say "SHUP" a few more times. That was as funny as her yelling, "HEY!" when her dad did something she didn't like. She also said "swing" while I had her in her little back porch swing. When her dad was coloring with her she put a crayon in her mouth and her dad said, "that's not food, Cosy, don't eat the crayon" and she very sweetly said, "Ok." and pulled the crayon out of her mouth.

It's getting late and I have a little project to finish before tomorrow. Have a happy long weekend! More Ollie Facetime ahead!




JazzyMae said...

That baby boy is so darn precious! Does he always laugh and smile?!? So cute.
And well Cosy is adorable!! She says a whole lot more than my grand daughter... she is 2 and has an older brother who talks for her , so why should she? LOL Babies.. love em!


monica said...

Amazing babies. You are very fortunate to have them in your life.
I hope you have a peaceful labor day weekend.
Ciao for now!