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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nana. Is. Tired. LOTS of PICTURES!

Cosy Selfie
This is why women shouldn't have babies past 45. Or past whatever age chronic pain strikes. I. AM. EXHAUSTED!!! We had a great day. Cosy was adorable and sweet and I am so grateful for every minute with her. We packed a lot in today. I took lots of pictures. She got lots of great quality time with dad. Tomorrow I rest and then Oliver and his parents are coming up Saturday.

A few pictures from today:

We had breakfast at Huddle House. We know she will eat there. She had pancakes, hash browns, french fries, egg... she did well.

Story time at the local library is on Thursdays at 10:00 am. We thought  that might be a good activity for Cosette but are afraid she may be too young to fully participate. They don't start until next week so we went to the library today, checked out their childrens' area and let Cosy just explore a bit. We let her pick out a book to check out to learn that process. The librarians were all sweet to her and invited her back for story time. In story time they do a music time, then some stories, then some crafts. She can stay as long as it works and do whatever she's comfortable doing. I think she'll do well. I think everything you can do before they start school to get them used to being in groups, learning manners, accepting different types of peers We'll at least give it a go.

We decided to let her try coloring today using both chunky crayons and side walk chalk. She saw her dad color holding four colors at the same time so she thought SHE needed to hold four crayons at a time. We tried talking her back down to one. She also wanted to use a lot at the same time with the sidewalk chalk. Also... thinks it's really cool to color the black cat with sidewalk chalk. The cat didn't seem to mind.


I don't want to overwhelm you with photos but I can''t pick a favorite... I love different things about different pictures... how she's looking at the keyboard here... how her dad shows her how to do it. He is such a hands on dad.

We went to Starbucks after the Library. Nana needed a pumpkin spice latte so we got that far Nana. Cosy got a little cup of milk. Dad got his "usual" which requires no explanation. The Starbucks is in the Ingles where he works. We walked around to the Bakery in Ingles to place an order for Cody's cookie cake. We told her Florida State colors and she said, "Is that like blue and orange?" Ummmm. NO. I think we sorted out what garnet and gold should look like. We'll see. I may be scraping and refrosted.

We went to Walmart trying to find a life jacket for Cosy to wear in the paddle boat. The closest we could find was for someone over 40 pounds. She's a hair over twenty. We found little bitty flipflips on clearance so she and Oliver each got a pair. The ones I got Cosy are too big because that was the smallest pair of the Frozen - or any girly - flipflips. I did find Spiderman flipflops in Oliver's size. Cosy wanted to put those on when we got home so we let her.

We also had to make two trips to the pharmacy. Just... life stuff...
Then baby girl had a nap with dad... early nap because they were both exhausted.. and they both slept hard. I had gotten sick to my stomach driving home so I came in and promptly upchucked my first 2016 pumpkin spice latte. I was so bummed. It just had the perfect storm over being overheated, walking too much, lifting too much, two caffeines in one day... I pushed myself. Once I got everything back up and out. I also had a nice rest and woke up feeling ready to tackle the rest of the day.

 Post nap it was... play with all the toys / throw all the balls / draw with crayons indoors / draw with sidewalk chalk on Nana's porch / put together the big foam letter blocks / watch The Cat In The Hat and Sofia The First / playing on Mawmaw's covered porch (Cosette loves Mawmaw... I mean, she loves Nana too but there's just some special magic that Mawmaw brings to babies) Austin took Cosy down to the dock and they sat there forever, her just sitting quietly in his nap. She is clingly with her dad. She's ok with me, in fact, I wanted to try putting her down for a second nap and it looked like it was a possibility but then she saw daddy and... SHOW's OVER! I'm glad she's a daddy's girl.

I'm so sleepy that I'm correcting more than I'm typing... I'll just leave you with the photos and add more dialogue tomorrow. Forgive me... I'm just exhausted. Love and hugs, thanks for stopping by and for all your encouragement!
  those dried apples are the bomb! I thought she had two bags but I just went back and checked and she had 3 bags! They're all natural, no preservatives, no sugar, just app,es and she loves them! The blue dress is from the Carter's haul and I think she looks precious in it. It has a matching cardigan.


Uncle Boo & Aunt Sara - she's loving her Giraffe Ride On toy you guys got her for her birthday! 






Gerry said...

You will probably never forget that blue dress and the photo of her sleeping peacefully in her Dad's arms!