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My People
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Friday, August 20, 2010

fully caffeinated photo finish friday

Remember when I first moved here and would have to make a trip into civilization to get my special k-cup coffee? After months of the k-machine not working properly, I finally caved and bought an "old fashioned" coffee maker. While I was in the LOCAL store picking out a new coffee pot, guess what I found...

More coffee than I have ever seen in one spot. Here. Argh!

Bitty has been making friends with all of my stuffed animals. He's a true hunter... loves finding "prey" and bringing it to his lair (my bed)

remember when I said I got caught in the rain after work? This is me... soaked to the skin.

Best meal all week... oven fries made out of butternut squash. i need a better knife to be able to prepare these... but they were awesome! I wanted to take pictures at Austin's open house yesterday but Austin wasn't having any part of that.
Audience participation time: Austin needs shoes to wear to the "Ag Center" (Agricultural Center) for one of his classes (Animal Science or something like that). They will be left at school to use specifically for that class. I asked the farm hick of a teacher exactly what I should buy and he said, "Well, ma'am... something that you don't mind him getting manure on". Poo Shoes? My kid needs POOOOOO SHOES! I'm thinking he needs something sturdy in case an animal steps on him... but I can't picture what he needs... rain boots? Anyone out there with agricultural experience that has a suggestion for us?
Our weekend plans are poo-shoe shopping, school supply shopping, weigh in (of course!) and food shopping. Exciting, right?
I'm only working 4 days next week... I've taken Friday off so that I can spend time with my Boo when he comes to town on Friday. That will give me two 3 day weekends in a row! I haven't been able to take a vacation in two years so those long weekends are treasures for me!
Got a call yesterday that one of my old co-workers from my uncle's office lost a baby - at 35 weeks pregnant. Really sad.
One of my current co-workers found out her dad is in congestive heart failure... in the hospital awaiting valve replacement surgery. While not necessarily a death sentence, it's terribly scary for her family.
We're in a deliciously drama-free period right now. Not broke, not exactly rolling in cash. Not completely unsuccessful at work... not quite where I want to be with sales. Austin's been semi-cooperative. The cats are mostly cute and only mildly annoying/expensive. I'm not in love... not lonely. I'm in a wonderfully average stage of life right now and I'm very ok with it.
Hope you have a beautiful Friday! Love and hugs.


moshell's lilbit of space said...

I would suggest a "work" boot, especially around animals!! Or a pair of gum boots (easily washable with a hose)

**Just my 2 cents**

Anonymous said...

Go to Walmart and get those rubber "muck" boots that come up to/over the calf. About $20-$25 - they'll hose off easily. Make sure they fit so they don't come off if he steps in deep muck (which can happen if they are too loose). I wouldn't invest alot in them since he'll be leaving them at school and they may walk off on their own. They are surprisingly sturdy.