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My People
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

newsday tuesday

It's raining.
I weigh 199 this morning. Still in One-derland! Still considerably more than I SHOULD weigh.
Austin was up early so he made coffee for me... nice waking up to coffee.
My favorite seasoning right now is perfect pinch roasted garlic and bell pepper. It's awesome on fish.
I had shrimp cocktail for breakfast.
I went to the store last night hoping to find orange roughy... they were out.
So I had shrimp for dinner last night and breakfast this morning.
Also for breakfast - fresh cherries, multi grain bread and olive oil.
I know it's weird but I eat what I like.
Lunch will be smartones veggie mini-pizzas and carrots with hummus.
Easy fork free food as we have a strange work day ahead.
Out of our 4 team members, 2 are in class this morning. They aren't due back to the office until 1pm.
I'm scheduled to take the same class, starting at 1pm but the logistics are tough. If they get out early enough, I'll have time to make it to the class. If they don't, I won't. It's a 30-45 minute drive to the class.
I'm ambivalent. It's an ethics class... required for my licensing... but the most boring class ever.
I think anyone who attends church fairly regularly should get a pass on ethics recertification.
I'm just saying.
I will probably end up taking my class online. It's faster that way anyways.
But... in case I have a hard time getting away for lunch - or in case I spend my lunch hour driving to the class... I wanted fork free food.
I'm wondering if I should bother straightening my hair since it's raining.
I love fresh bread dipped in olive oil but EVOO is one of those things that you have to watch the points on. It's important to HAVE healthy oils every day, your body needs them.
But to keep from having too much, I measure my oil and pour it over the bread and use that roasted garlic and bell pepper seasoning that I love so much. It's yummy!
Did you know that there are some vitamins that are not water soluable (spelling?) so that in order to get the most benefit from them, you need some sort of oil.
This is what makes salad dressing important. Only... not prepared salad dressings because they're not good for you.
Olive oil and lemon juice. Or olive oil and vinegar. Or olive oil and mustard.
Processed foods = hidden, unnecessary ingredients and chemicals.
Is it any wonder that cancer is so rampant in our modern society? We consume things we can't pronounce.
I heard someone say once that you shouldn't eat foods that your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize.
I also heard that your main diet should be plant based.... anything else should be used in moderation.
That's pretty much what I do.
Must finish the glam routine.
Have a great day, y'all!


Goodbuygirl28 said...

Congratulations making it to Onederland!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather : ) Reading your blog has been SO educational lately. You are a wealth of good information about nutrition! I know that you love to share positivity with others ... and I'm really happy that you're in such a positive place (not geographically, but personally). I've "known" you for several years now, and I DO believe you are in your very best place NOW! Thank you for all the great info on being healthy. You've inspired me to make some beneficial changes around here for the ones that God has entrusted in my care. hugs ~ Patty