My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

snoozeday newsday tuesday

No entry for the past two days because there just isn't much to say... lather, rinse, repeat.

Still very on track with my weight watchers plan.

Two great salads this week - a black and white bean salad like last week and a really awesome quinoa salad with broccoli slaw. Loving them both and loving that meals are so easy and cheap to put together.

Been really dragging the past few days... mild sore throat, low grade fever, general feeling of malaise (that's your vocabulary word for the day, Stasha!), recurring headache. None of these symptoms are particularly remarkable... none major... just not feeling 100 percent.

Haven't crossed my big weight loss milestone that I was on the verge of this week. This may be one of those "rebound" weeks where i don't see any real loss. It's ok... I've done great lately and I'm so totally on track that I can relax and know it will happen in time.

My Jamie-doll starts kindergarten today. Her mama was on the local radio station yesterday talking about making a cake for the start of school... they asked if she was going to cry on Jamie's first day and I KNEW it was Angie when I heard the hesitation in the way she answered.

We will both cry.

Jamie is nervous that she won't make friends... but she's a mini-me so I know she'll go in there and be outgoing and social and she'll be just fine. In fact, I predict that she gets in trouble for socialization within the first week of school.

Sarabeth has 17 boys and 5 girls in her class! How insane!

Not much really to blog on... gonna go put together some breakfast and finish the glam routine.

Happy Tuesday to y'all.