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My People
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

*yawn* yes, I lost again!

Ok... I'm at the crossroads of a big blogging decision. No, not the old standard, "public or private" debate that other blogs seem to cycle through periodically. I'm public. I'll always be public. Sometimes it causes my kids, my parents and my boss a grimace or two... but Heather's out there in the blogosphere and that won't change.

My debate is whether to switch my weight loss counter from "weight to lose" to "actual weight". I mean... I used to say, "I'd rather stand naked in a room full of people than have one other person see my number on the scale"... but... the truth is, as bad as it is, I love the way it's changing and I think sometimes understanding the severity of a problem helps us appreciate the magnitude of the blessing.

I mean... why else would I share the other humiliating things I share? That aspect of full disclosure is what sets my blog apart. So... all you silent lurkers out there... tell me what you think. Vote with your comments. And tell me... would you share your weight in cyberspace?

Today went by TOO FAST! These photos are just a sneak peek...I have more photos to share and I may do that tomorrow or I may save it for Photo Finish Friday or ... you can always go to my facebook page to check them out. I had a great day with the girls... we went to the farm market and grocery store and then went to their house and made "food dolls" (copyright Jamie Gant). I was calling them "veggie people" but Food Dolls seemed like a much better name. The girls tried some new foods... some healthier variations of foods they already enjoyed... and got to play with their food. We took our journey all the way from farm to market to kitchen to table to compost pile... and had a great conversation about sustainable, clean food products. More details later... I'm sniffly tonight and I took some nyquil which has me a little loopy.

We'll talk more later... just wanted to announce my .8 pound loss this week... I was sure I wouldn't lose this week after two really good weeks in a row, thought I'd have a plateau week... so I was really thrilled to see almost a whole pound gone. This is almost TOO easy! I love my life... and I love my diet...

Ok... before I fall asleep on the keyboard... gnite y'all!


Sherry said...

Tell the world, I'mproud of you......... the girls are so sweet.......... Sherry

Linda said...

Have to admit that I wouldn't ever post actual weight, but if you want to do it, I say go for it. And maybe pictures in the same pose for every 10 or 15 pounds lost? I'm sure you'd get plenty of support, and it would probably be an additional incentive.

slj said...

If you think you would get more out of it by telling your actual weight, them go for it.
In your latest pictures, you don't look like the number would be outrageously high. And besides that,
it is just a number..
Go for it...

Goodbuygirl28 said...

I would not put my weight in numbers out for the world to see but that is me and I am a freak about what people might think. I think lbs lost are lbs lost no matter what you start at. besides pictures speak the truth. You are doing great btw! Julie