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My People
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Blah-g Entry

This entry brought to you courtesy of percocet and pink cupcakes.
I had a rough night. Couldn't get to sleep despite being super sleepy and woke up in horrible, jacked up pain.
I blame Tropical Storm Andrea even though she was miles away from here.
Speaking of TS Andrea - I cracked up watching the news yesterday when they talked about all the havoc Andrea was wreaking on Jacksonville. For those of you who don't remember or weren't around at that time - my ex-husband's mistress was named Andrea and lived in Jacksonville. She was from New Jersey so my brother's girlfriend just referred to her as "Dirty Jersey".
Anyways... everyday is painful but this morning it was ungodly so I came upstairs, made a pot of coffee, grabbed one of the pink lemonade cupcakes that Mom made yesterday and quickly ate it so I would have something on my stomach and could take pain meds.
I normally start with the mild pain reliever that I take everyday and then wait to see if that gets things to a manageable level before I move on to the hard stuff which I really, really, really try not to take hardly ever. Today I knew it was going to take more and so I took more.
And now... an hour later... the edge is off and I'm not at the level of wanting to jump off a bridge. Not that I would ever do that.
Mama is still sleeping. We're totally on a teenager sleep schedule around here in the morning and in the evening we're on an old person's sleep schedule which means that we eat dinner at 4pm, get ready for bed at 7pm and sleep until 9am.
Not really. The truth is that we get ready for bed at 7pm, spend the evening watching tv and trying to get comfortable enough to sleep... and then doze off and on all night. It takes 14 hours a night to get four to six hours of sleep. And that's the truth.
Austin spent the night with Logan last night. They're back to being the Dynamic Duo. Both of them need to get a job and get some focus on their lives but in the meantime... they're good company for each other and we really like Logan. Sadly, he doesn't have much interaction with his little girl who is a year and a half now. I much prefer Logan as a buddy for Austin than Zach because Logan is closer to Austin's age, not able to buy alcohol and I know Logan's mom pretty well. Logan comes from good stock and has some good discipline/checks and balances in his life.
The boys had taken Mom's computer to the church the other night for a guy there at church to look at for her. It wasn't connecting to the internet. I had *hoped* that they would be able to pick it up for us but they weren't around so we made a run into Helen last night to get the laptop. I just ran in and out of the church quickly instead of being friendly and visiting with anyone (they were having VBS this week) because I was in pain and sort of grumpy since I didn't take pain meds so I would be able to drive... and all of that led me to a sort of epiphany about this pain issue: if I don't take pain meds so I can drive, I'm in so much pain that I don't feel like going anywhere. And that, in one brief sentence, is why I'm such a hermit.
Now, the mild *everyday* pain meds that I take truly don't alter me much. It's not that I live my life with a mild buzz BUT they do strange things to me like bring dizzy spells on without warning and I'm absolutely terrified of being the least bit altered behind the wheel. It doesn't take much to cause a tragedy and I would rather suffer a few hours of discomfort than a lifetime of regret.
So that's the theme for today: pink cupcakes and pain pills. I think I had a lot more to say but since I started this entry I've had to get up twice to go to the bathroom, once to clean up dog poop off the bedroom floor (even though I tried to get the little poop machines to go out as soon as I limped upstairs) and once to rescue the cat who got stuck behind the living room curtain and couldn't figure out how to get out so I jumped up and rushed over there before he pulled down the curtain rod. And now the cat is perched across my chest so I guess it's time to close.
I've also decided to rename this a blahg instead of a blog since it's crazy boring of late.
Anyways... Happy Friday, love and hugs, y'all!