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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Past 24 Hours

To be such a hermit, there certainly always seems to be a lot going on in my life. I started trying to think of where to start on this blog entry and honestly, I'm at a loss. I'll just lay it all out there as it pops into my mind, if you would please excuse me if it lacks continuity or seems random.

Yesterday morning the telephone call with the disability attorney went great. As it turns out, I did have all the information needed and she even complimented me on it. It took over an hour and was incredibly draining but I felt like I had jumped a huge hurdle by having that done. My claim is officially submitted and the fun begins... there's a long process of validation involved. I pray that it will go quickly before my funds are depleted.

After the phone call we got ready to leave for the mountains and could not find Little Trouble Kitty. We searched the house from attic to crawlspace. Mom drove the neighborhood looking on the odd chance that he might have gotten out. After looking for over an hour I fell to pieces thinking he was lost forever. I cried myself to sleep, took a nap, woke up and dejectedly told mom that we might as well go since the Kitty was probably gone forever... then I turned the corner and there he was. That little trouble-maker had hidden because he didn't want to get in his "go-box". It took another half hour to wrangle him and Stubby into their carriers and get the dogs loaded. We were both exhausted but we soldiered on... fortunately Austin and Logan were able to unload the car for us once we made it to the mountains.

The kitties are no longer going to be little gypsies. Stubby and Trouble are here and forever more going to be mountain cats. I can't subject them (or us) to the misery involved in transporting them. No  more "go-box" unless going to the vet. My visits to Riverdale will be fewer and shorter from here on out.

For dinner we did a school cafeteria meal: fish sticks, english peas and canned peaches. It sounds sort of blah but it was really good. The fish sticks were so good that me and Mom ate all of them without saving them for Austin who was napping. Poor Trick got up and had a can of soup. Cold. From the can. Hobo-style.

Not long after dinner I crashed and burned... tucked into bed before 9pm and was asleep not much after. I got up around 4am to feed the cats - they're used to Pop feeding them when he gets up in the morning - and I went right back to sleep. I woke up at 9:30am!

Sooooo... after sleeping an unprecedented twelve hours... we got up this morning and went to the grocery store. That sleep felt so good and was so desperately needed! There is something magical about sleeping down in the Whine Cellar on my comfy couch. Eventually we'll get my bedroom organized and have a bed down there... for now it's in my parents' room. We have a bed coming from Grandma's house in North Carolina (it's being used for staging the house right now) and of course, there are three beds coming from Riverdale eventually so it's pointless to buy anything for the house up here. Mom sleeps on a deluxe jumbo air mattress in the middle of the living room, Austin sleeps on a mattress on the floor in his bomb shelter. I sleep on the couch in the basement. Pop sleeps on my bed in his room. It works.

On our way to the grocery store I went to the post office this morning and closed out the P. O. Box and got a big cha-ching of a refund of six whole bucks! No more treks into town for my mail... now there's only the trek to the top of the hill to the mailbox.

Then we went to the grocery store and stocked up. We spent nearly two hours in the grocery store - it didn't feel like it at the time but we were in there FOREVER.  I had left the house without eating and although I felt absolutely fine all the way through the store... when we got back in the car and headed home I got majorly and violently ill... dizzy... nauseous... we pulled over and switched to mom driving and then... I totally puked my guts up, riding in the car... fortunately I was holding a styrofoam cup and was able to angle it all into the cup... I know, really disgusting, right? But then... I had nothing to drink to get that disgusting taste out of my mouth for the rest of the ride home. I stumbled in the door and crashed on the bed... got a cup of orange juice (I know... it seems like you wouldn't want acid on a sick stomach but oj seems to stop my dizzy spells better than anything)... and after about twenty minutes I was feeling much better. I'm still weak... I ate a few cookies (I know... not the least bit nutritious) and am still nursing the juice. It was completely unpleasant.

Anyways... so glad Austin was here and able to help Mom with the groceries. She's worn out from our little adventure and I was absolutely no help.

The other big project for today - Mom's laptop quit working last week so I posted a request on the White County facebook group looking for a computer repair person. I got several responses on Facebook and a text message from my friend Emily telling me that her son could do it. A few texts and phone calls later... we arranged to get the laptop to Emily's son while he works sound at the church tonight for VBS. Austin and Logan were heading into Helen this afternoon and offered to take the laptop... my goal was to go to VBS for a little while this evening but the  vomit incident makes me not want to leave the house. I'm fairly sure it was just a blood sugar/not eating situation but I wouldn't take the chance on exposing a church full of kids with a virus, if that was the cause. Anyways... it's good that the boys could take it for us. And such a great reminder of what life in a small town is like. I'm so pleased to be here and so grateful for my parents' help during this time of transition.

So. That's the haps over the past day. I guess my recap wasn't as random as I expected. Hope you're all having a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by! *hugs*