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My People
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Photo Dump

It's Monday and I'm a nervous wreck.
At 9am I have my big conference call with the disability attorney where I have to give her names, dates, diagnosis and a TON of information.
It's not a pass/fail test, if there's something I don't have, I can get it and send it in later but I so very much want this to be done.
And then we're loading up the car and headed to the mountains for an undetermined amount of time.
There are a few more things I have to take care of up there, closing the P.O. Box (since we have a real mailbox now), finishing up my application for food stamps (please don't judge - my income is zero) and getting my kid motivated to work.
It feels like a big deal, red letter day and I will be happy when we're up at the mountain house and settled.
So instead of writing six paragraphs on why I'm having an anxiety attack, I thought I'd do a photo dump with you guys.

 This is the top of the big fountain that goes down the hill toward the lake. It hasn't ever been cleaned out and operational since we've had the house but we're getting closer. The first part was draining the bottom and getting out all the vegetation. Right now it's a big ole tadpole farm and mosquito condo.

 More of it... doesn't look like much, does it? We envision a lovely waterfall. Someday.

 Our dogs are used to having a big fenced in backyard to do their business. There are no fences at the mountain house and I'm not sure you'd want to fence it in. We don't feel comfortable letting them walk around the property without a leash. It's a huge pain to walk all three when they have to do their business, especially since our old girl, Lily, goes about every fifteen minutes. So we fixed what I lovingly refer to as "the Poop Pen" between the front of the house and the steep bank leading up to the road. Oscar can scamper up the hill but the big girls can't.

There's a nice little glider on the front porch so that we can sit outside and supervise potty time. The fencing makes the front door hard to use... which gets tricky because we have the back door blocked off so the kitty can play on the back porch... but one of our projects on the drawing board is a nice little gate that will open and close to gain access to the front door.

"I'm not taking a picture of you, son, I'm taking a picture of the flag." With you in the foreground. Check out that head of hair. It's only been a month since he had it cut. When he was little he wanted his hair to look like his friend's hair. His friend was black and sporting a pretty significant afro. I explained to him that white boy hair doesn't grow that way. He has spent the rest of his life trying to prove me wrong. He has a white boy, straight afro.

And we got a new flag.

Big cushy pile of blankets at the corner of my bed makes a great kitty bed... that's where he sleeps at the Riverdale house, at the foot of my bed on this pile. At the mountain house I'm sleeping on a couch in the basement and he sleeps on the ottoman pulled up beside me.

He's not the only animal who enjoys this spot....

Oscar. What's really precious about this is that he dragged his favorite blankie (the tan one) up to that spot and covered himself up. He was so bummed out. Mawmaw and Pop were gone a big part of the day yesterday and although I was very good to him... he was sad. I mean... don't you want to give that baby a xanax?

Poor guy.

These furbabies are growing accustomed to traveling back and forth. Little Kitty wants to make sure we don't leave him.... so he is sleeping on top of his carrier. Not in it, mind you, because he HATES getting in it... but just where he won't be forgotten. Bless his little heart.

Hopefully midday we'll be arriving at the mountain house...
Have a great Monday, y'all.


Anna said...

Psst! I'm over at now.

And my little dogs have a small, fenced potty area, too! We live out in the country, and I'd worry too much about hawks and owls if they weren't contained!