My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back to the Mountains

 Yesterday we did this

but today we're back 100 miles north doing this...

enjoying a nearly perfect Summer day with my favorite kitty in his favorite spot (it is screened, people always worry that Trouble is in danger)

Stubby actually semi-posed for me... and you can actually see the missing leg.

Best Purple Michael moment ever - ok, one of the top five - "we have a kitten who is missing half of a leg"
"which half?"

Think about it.

We brought Eddie aka Ginger Cat with us today. He's not sure he likes it here. He's always thought he was a dog - goes outside every time the dogs do but doesn't realize that cats have the ability to climb fences - and he hasn't quite figured out how to climb the stairs. He's sort of hiding behind the couch mostly.

I think Trouble is giving him a tour of the screened porch here. Maybe.

Our old girl, Lily, has a little trouble with incontinence which is the result of drinking of gallons of water a day (which is the result, sadly, of having cancer)... Lily thinks that the screened porch = outside so she will randomly wander onto the porch and relieve herself.

And woe to anyone who is on the porch below... such as my mom who was replanting a tomato plant. "Watch out below!"

Whatcha doin' Mawmaw?

Shameless selfie with the kitty cat. No makeup, side braid on me because that's what kind of day it is.

Mom hung new curtains in her room and loves them.

She loves the mountains.

And how isolated we are up here.

So isolated, in fact, that it's ok to cut the grass in her nightgown.

And again, I'll say... life goes on.