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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday in the Nest

Day nine of June and I'm still blogging daily. The big question is how many people are reading daily... and if they are enjoying my daily yawn.

Today started with me on the couch in the living room (I usually sleep on the couch in the basement) with the bottom cushions sliding out, a cat patting me *gently* (no claws) on the cheeks as if he was telling me to "snap out of it" or stop snoring. Not sure, actually. And I woke with a pounding headache. Merciful heavens! What a headache! So any thought of productivity that I had anticipated for today will be postponed until I no longer have the desire to poke a fork in my eyeball to eliminate the pain/pressure in my brain.

It's such a beautiful morning here... I opened the door for a few minutes and let Little Trouble Kitty sit out on the screened porch. It was 64 degrees when I woke up but this headache makes me think there's steamy/wet weather ahead. It's slightly overcast.... and right on cue as I was typing the word "overcast" the sun came out.

My poor mom- after getting her computer fixed last week by a guy from the church, it was working perfectly, allowing her to connect to the internet without any trouble. Then... all of a sudden... it stopped working again. My computer knowledge being mega-limited, I am of no help but the guy at church said if it stopped working to let him know and he would come by the house and fix it. Of course, she is now one hundred miles south of here... and will be for a week or more.  This worries me because I so very much loved her computer that I bought the exact same one two months later... so am I two months away from crisis?

Today is a red letter day in my world - the Tony Awards are on tonight. It's usually the only glimpse of theatre fabulosity in my whole year. It's like a big gay Christmas for me! A classmate of mine is at the rehearsal this morning and I'm hitting him up for Neil Patrick Harris news. And wishing I had been closer to my Tony connected classmate while we were in school. A dear blog reader's granddaughter is going to be there tonight as a seat filler so I'm thrilled for her as well. Acting in the movies or in tv to me is easy, you have as many takes as you need to get it right and then it's edited like crazy.. it's those folks who stand before a live audience night after night that create magic, in my opinion. I have always held a high respect for live theatre.

And now... for your viewing pleasure... a mini-photo-dump:

(above) Little Trouble Kitty enjoying the screened in porch. You can't really see the screen so it looks like he's balancing on a beam way above the ground but there really is a screen there. I wouldn't dare put my best buddy in danger. He is confused because he's never been here without my mom and the dogs. Every time a car goes past he looks for Oscar to start barking. Every time I ask him where Mawmaw is, he looks at the couch where she usually sits. He's a genius, I tell ya. I'm so happy having my fur baby here with me.

1. french braids from the other day... not perfect but ok.
 2. my creature comforts
3. my ugly migraine look today. 

We need decorating advice for the fireplace. Right now it has a treasured but small photo of Jamie running down the aisle prior to Cody's wedding - my brother Bryan took it and gave it to Grandma and she gave it back to us when she downsized to move into the Assisted Living  place. I feel like it needs a large wreath or photo or something. Mama collects angels so she has put some of her favorite ones on the mantle but she isn't thrilled with the way it looks. Any suggestions?

Now that Grandma's house is under contract we are finally able to get the furniture that is being passed down to Pop - dining room furniture and some bedroom furniture. We got into a very confusing conversation the other day about what will go where... when we move in Grandma's stuff and when we pack up the house in Riverdale. We still have three completely empty bedrooms and half of the big room in the basement is empty. There are several things from the Riverdale house that will go to Goodwill so if you're in the area and in need of some furnishings, let me know. My kitchen table (a raised table that goes with the bar stools that we use as end tables)  will go down in the area of the basement that will one day be my little kitchenette. I'd love to put a little sink down there... a counter to hold a microwave, a coffee pot and maybe a George Foreman grill... and a little refrigerator... but for now, it will just be a table.

So anyways... that's what's crowding the grey matter this morning. As I've typed the meds have kicked in and the pain has eased somewhat. Nothing on the agenda today so the laziness - er, um ... productivity can commence.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


Peaceful Epiphany said...

I'm going to try to post a comment here. I haven't been able to when I HAVE been here. I admit, I don't come here very often anymore cause I read stuff through your Facebook now. I came here today cause you mentioned kitty photos lol. That first photo of trouble kitty and the American flag was great! So iconic. It was a great shot. Sorry you weren't feeling good though. :( pray you feel better soon. That mountain house seems to be a healing place for you all.
Love you girl!

Heather said...

Thanks Jen! I love this place. I can hardly believe sometimes that we ended up here, back in the mountains where I want to be with such a beautiful place to live and minus the stress and pain of working. We are so blessed, the kitties and me!