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My People
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Inheritance

So there is this family... I've heard about... allegedly... who just lost their patriarch/husband/father/grandfather figure in the last few weeks... and in the midst of this time of grief and adjustment... there has risen up one family member who has become preoccupied with his inheritance. Typically, one would think, that with a surviving spouse at an age where she still has potentially many good years ahead of her, that any disbursement of the estate would be handled at the time she deceases. You would think that but there is one family member is insisting that the estate be liquidated and his portion be paid out and ... basically to hell with the surviving spouse being able to stay in the home where she raised her children... instead of taking into consideration the grieving widow... she's having to fight for her right to what is hers because it is, until she deceases, hers. And truly it's none of my business, other than to consider it odd that a child would be so greedy as to expect their portion in advance of when it should become theirs. And this particular person, allegedly, wasn't an active participant in the family for many years and has resurfaced only at the time in which he assumed there was an inheritance to be gathered.

And as I pondered this situation today I started thinking about being a member of the family of God and my rightful inheritance of salvation. I've basically avoided anything and everything that could cause pain over the past two and half years, and have only attempted a very few church services. It quite simply became something embarrassing to have to continually admit that I am unable, uncomfortable and unwilling to suffer. Which, in the face of a religion that's held up by a patriarch who literally (in my belief) allowed himself to be nailed with big old ugly spikes to a rough and hideous cross in order to pay out the inheritance that I would one day be able to collect. And I thought about all the times I ask him to intercede on my behalf based on who I am - because of him. I won't go and visit you, Abba Father because it hurts too bad... and I won't make an effort to spend time with you in prayer because I'm embarrassed to ask you for anything when I'm not doing anything for you, even visiting you from my cozy nest.

In either case it's a family member not being concerned about the needs of other family members and still expecting their full portion. I want it all and I want it now. I want His favor and His protection and His blessings and I can't even wait until the time comes for the estate to be divided to claim my inheritance. I want it now. And in both cases GRACE has been extended and the opportunity exists/existed right up to the final second for there to be a change in attitude. In both cases, what the father wanted was to know the son/daughter, to have a real time of communication and communion with them. I can tell you for a fact that my earthly daddy treasures time with me more than he treasures my treasures.

And so. I'm going to start earning my inheritance again. I'm going to spend time with Him, my heavenly father, because he deserves the best I have to offer because he has truly given me his best. Some of it is only collected at the end of my time here on earth but so much more of it is handed out every single day in his mercies that are new every morning.

And that is my heart this Wednesday. Love and hugs to you all.


Barb said...

A truly heartfelt post, was where you are not that long ago. It is easy to get distance put between us and the Lord: we get caught up in the very thing Jesus warned us about, daily distractions. We get so busy, so caught up in our computers, video games, I Pods and Smartphones that before we know it we've missed our time with the Lord. Sometimes too, we don't realize that all the (work) we're doing for the Lord is taking us away from Him. The work somehow gets into 1st place, and little-by-little, the Lord is found at the bottom of the totem pole.
Have an awesome day Sorry I've not visited much. I'll not miss so many of your posts now that I'm doing better. Losing my Johnny was, and still is, very hard for me.