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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, June 21, 2013


I'm really concerned about this whole GMO food thing... the unknown substances we are exposed to... the danger of processed food... the fact that high fructose corn syrup is used so often.. basically, our food supply is out of whack and I think a lot of people are suffering because of it.

Just like how we didn't realize how bad smoking was at first.

And that medicine they gave women to prevent miscarriage back in the sixties that harmed their unborn baby girls.

I just think that there will be a generation after us that says, "seriously, what were you thinking???" And thinks we were a bunch of idiots for eating what we eat.

Ideally I would love to revamp my diet but realistically, I'm not usually the one purchasing my food and beggars can't be choosers. I try to make healthy choices with what is available. I preach the "margarine is one molecule away from butter" gospel. And when I make things, I feel like I cook relatively clean and healthy. I made tabbouleh and tuna salad for me and mom for dinner last night but I also have a very unhealthy addiction to frozen pizza.

Anyways... that's just something I think about when I'm sitting here.

I went to the food stamp place today and filled out a new application since I missed the interview for the last one. I should have done that earlier but I procrastinate a lot and often - a lot of the time - just don't feel like doing anything. I'm having a lot of problem with dizziness but it's been better this week than it had been.

My kid is not being as helpful as he needs to be around the old mountain casa and it makes me feel uber guilty, the same way I used to when he was a toddler and used to bite other children. I mean, from a logical standpoint I know that I can only influence him so much. I've got two of three who are really awesome contributing members of society. This one will come along. In the meantime I had a good screaming match with him last night and he cooperated a bit more today. Still not up to par but it is what it is.

I got a call from the disability lawyer to advise me of some forms that are being sent to me from Social Security that are particularly complicated and will require their assistance. We set a time to discuss them, assuming that they'll get here soon. Our mail carrier's vehicle caught fire this week. They say that most of the mail was saved but you can't help but wonder. It surprises me how diligent this lawyer is about the different forms and things. They literally want me to never deal directly with Social Security which is weird. I'm sort of independent so that's an adjustment for me.

And that's my Friday. Happy Weekend, y'all.