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My People
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning....

Well. I blogged for 21 days in a row before missing one. That's pretty good, right? 

Yesterday I got up and went grocery shopping with Pop. 
Everybody (except me) worked in the yard most of the day. 
I stayed in with the doggies and cooked dinner and a fine dinner it was, if I say so myself... we had cube steak smothered in gravy with onions and mushrooms over jasmine rice with collard greens. 
For dessert we had coconut cream pie that we bought at the Amish Bakery. 
Then we watched the Jodi Arias lifetime movie which was horrible... really horrible... 
And then I went to bed. 

Little Trouble Kitty is hilarious/infuriating when I'm trying to sleep. He's so rotten that it's not enough for me to pet him with one hand... he knows I have two hands and he expects me to use them both. I sleep on a couch with the ottoman pulled right up beside me so he has a place to sleep but usually he wants to sleep on top of me with his head touching my head. He wakes me up several times a night when he feels like he's not getting enough affection and every time I get up to go to the bathroom he comes with me... yawning and sleepy-eyed like he can't wait to get back to bed. 

I worked on my for several hours yesterday. Throughout all this time that I've been building the family tree they have all these hints that pop up that show different documents available for each person that you can review. Some are redundant. Some are not really that person but someone with a similar name. Some of them are considered "world" documents and I have only purchased the package to have access to "domestic" documents. It's a significant difference in price and as I have still not exhausted my domestic research it doesn't seem practical to pay for more yet. Eventually I will, once I've cleared out all the hints on my tree but right now there are still 7000. Seven thousand! I knocked out a couple of hundred last night so it's something that can go fairly quickly if you put your mind to it. It made me feel productive. 

Anyways... not much going on here. I'm tucked into the Whine Cellar enjoying the view today. It started out as a wicked pain day so I prescribed myself a pain pill and a vacation in the nest. We still haven't moved my recliner or tv up here. They're both too big to fit in a trunk so we are going to have to wait until there is a truck available to transport them. So for now... no tv in the Whine Cellar but I actually sort of like a break from non-stop tv watching every now and then. My living room downstairs is such a cozy, peaceful spot. It's a good place to unwind. 

I'm highly aggravated by all the hulla-balloo over Paula Deen and the "n" word but I'm not ready to talk about it yet.

I'm excited about the Royal Baby and can't wait to obsess over the little Prince or Princess. 

I'm having a blast checking out the vacation pictures that my facebook friends are posting and living vicariously through them. My world traveler friend, Beth, recently went to Morocco and she posted this gorgeous picture of the spice market with these colorful mounds of spices. You could almost smell it! She also posted pictures from the Royal Ascot last week with Sophie and Prince Edward in the background and lots and lots of pictures of the other royals. I'm so fascinated with the royal family!

I'm hankering for some fresh figs. Haven't found any yet but I'm planning a search for them this week. I don't like buying from the grocery store - I want local if possible. 

Austin found some blackberry vines in the yard but they aren't ripe yet. 

We got a watermelon at the store yesterday and it's pretty yummy. 

We also got half of a pound cake at the bakery and ohhh-emmmm-geeee! So good. I could eat my weight in pound cake. 

Big Brother starts this week. I hope this is a good season. Sometimes they're real duds and I lose interest. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! That's all I've got for now. Love and hugs!


Pudge450 said...

I actually have a chair like yours. The mauve colored one. You may not know it, but there are two rotary type locks located between the arms and the back of the chair (accessing from behind the chair). You need a flat-point screw driver to turn it. When you release the clips, the whole back of the chair will slide up and off. The seat of the chair can be transported in a trunk and the back of the chair will fit in the back seat of the car. Your son could probably do this for you