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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain Forest

 What is it they say about rainy days and Mondays? Whatever it is, I'm not saying it. I'm just spouting my usual spiel about how for people with arthritis rain=pain. I'm maxed out on pain meds today which makes me seem like a big ole fat liar for saying I hardly ever take the hard stuff. Lately hardly ever is more than I'd like but I'm  not going to suffer needlessly either. Even though it's sort of gloomy out I'm enjoying the view of the rain pouring down on the lake... and I'm glad Mama's garden is getting watered by God because I'm sure if it was left solely to me, I'd never remember.
 We had a late night last night... I stayed up watching the Tonys until Atlanta's CBS affiliate decided that showing the 11pm news trumped showing the entirety of an awards show. I hate playing the gay card but honestly, I think if it was football... that news would have started after the game. The same musical theatre geeks who were marginalized all through high school were once again shown that they don't matter and that makes me really angry. I fired off a letter to the news director at the station and I may send him another letter today.
 You can bet your bippy that I won't be watching any CBS Atlanta programming (such as news) but I didn't anyways so that's no great loss for them. I grew up watching the ABC affiliate and when I watch the local news (which is not often) that's who I watch. I get most of my news online. I watch Fox and Friends for a few minutes in the morning and I watch The Five in the evening. If you have never seen The Five, you should check it out. It's five different people with different views on politics (well, three conservative, one libertarian and one liberal) and different life paths who give their perspective on daily news events. They have a great chemistry and a lot of inside jokes - meaning "inside with their viewers" and it's just a very palatable way to become aware of current events.
 Mostly, though, I prefer Celebrity Gossip to real news. I know that's sort of inconsequential and shallow but the real news gives me fits of anxiety. I really DO care how big Kim Kardashian gets and I want to know if Amanda Bynes posts another crazy twitter rant. I'm certain there is a better use of my time and talent but there is a bit of escapism in following the dramatic twists and turns of the lives of others. I read blogs for the same reason, I love being all in other people's business.
 I took a long bath/shower this morning to try to ease the pain. Mom has a big whirlpool bath but I just soaked for a bit in my little tub in my dressing room/private bath on the third floor. I love it because there is a huge linen closet where I can keep my clothes (there are no dressers here for me to use) and there's a big mirror and lots of space for my notions and potions and war paint and stuff. It's a little bit of a hike to get from the basement level where I sleep to the top level where I primp but I figure it's the only exercise I get.
I took all these pictures during a rain storm this morning. It's cool and wet here today and it seems like everything is green and lush - like a rain forest. I purposely didn't edit these photos so you can see the actual color. The picture directly above is the view from the front door... at the very top there is a sliver of road where about a dozen cars pass a day. We are very secluded. It's very rare to hear another human voice... just birds and frogs and the occasional dog. It's the most peaceful place on Earth, I'm convinced.

I got an update today from my disability attorney. They feel like my case will take somewhere between three and six months to complete. I figured it would take a minimum of six months... I can't even begin to get my hopes up that it would take as little as three months but what an amazing thing that would be! We'll keep hoping and wishing and praying...

The kid is up. Time to interact with the three dimensional folks. Happy Monday y'all!