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My People
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Unremarkable Sunday

Wake up time: I think I woke up around 8am. I can't remember.

How I'm feeling: there's a weather front approaching which is an ugly reminder of how "flawed" my body is. I've got a headache that I've been trying to ignore, my hands are aching, I've got crazy muscle spasms and just basically hurt all over in a flu-ey kind of way.

How's the weather? There's a weather front approaching (did I mention that already?) with record breaking cold. The coldest temperature I've ever experienced was 5 below zero in January of 1985 and mainly I just remembering it taking my breath away. When I was in New York in 2006 there was a night that we were out and it was zero degrees with the wind whipping in between the buildings - I was so cold that I stopped at a street vendor and bought gloves or a hat - can't remember which - I just truly understood for the first time that all those extra things were not just accessories.  At the coldest they're predicting that we will have wind chills of fourteen below tomorrow night. School is closed in our county for Monday and Tuesday because of the cold and possibility of ice. Our county is unique in that we have a lot of rural roads and a variety of altitudes. It could be perfectly safe on the main roads but some of the rural mountain roads be impassable. They err on the side of caution.  My nieces go to school in a neighboring county. They are out of school tomorrow anyways, it's a teacher's work day. No word on Tuesday yet but I'm going to bet they close it. People in the South just aren't equipped for this kind of cold. 

What I wore today: the new sweater/hoodie again because I only wore it for a short time yesterday and I love it. that's a long sleeved black tshirt underneath and my new grey maxi skirt which is static clinging itself to my leg. blue fuzzy socks. I may or may not have worn the same fleece leggings again today because they are just that warm and cozy. 

Hairstyle of the day: rocking the high bun in sort of a Princess Leia configuration, except on the top of my head instead of one on each side. the main thing is... why bother? I look sort of like a runaway Dugger. 

Makeup: no. 

What I watched today: three episodes of Mad Men, a couple of documentaries, two episodes of Downton Abbey (with a third set to start at 9pm). I watched a tiny bit of the Ice Bowl but it makes me uncomfortable knowing that those folks are all cold. 

What I'm reading: Finished the Arnold biography. Started reading a novel in the wee hours of the morning - not even sure what the name of it is and I don't feel like getting up to get my Nook and look it up. 

What I ate today: breakfast was toaster strudel. lunch was stuffed shells from yesterday. dinner was a leftover salmon patty, some tabbouleh and then half of a roast beef sandwich. I was ready for dinner before dinner was ready so I made tabbouleh but while I was waiting for the grain to absorb the water I heated up a salmon patty. Then the roast was ready and it smelled too good not to eat any but I was already full so I just made a half sandwich. Oh, and I had three mini kitkats. 
Love my new outfit! 

What I drank today: hot apple cider all day long

Where I went today: I watched the puppy-dogs while my parents went to church. Oscar just came down and curled up in my chair with me but then I heard Lily whining at the top of the stairs so I went up and let her out. Much easier than watching them full time. I doubt I'll go anywhere while the weather is so cold. It's too painful.  

What I did today:  Watched a lot of tv, made tabbouleh, watched doggies, did a load of laundry

Visitors to the Hollow:  none

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  I need to do some written correspondence 

Thought for the day:  (saw this on Pinterest) "When most girls wear messy buns and hoodies they look amazing but when I do I look like I've tried every drug in the world." 

I promise I'll write a real blog entry at some point but I have to admit... the new blog format helps me record days like today that are unremarkable. I'm sorry if it's boring. Hope you've all had a great weekend. Stay warm! Love and hugs, y'all!


Fat Free JAM said...

where are you watching Downton Abbey? I can't find it.


Wendy in Oz said...

Oh Heather! You always make me laugh out loud. The Duggar comment had me rolling on the floor!