My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turning Pro

Wake up time: 7:45 or so. I didn't glance at the time until I had gone to the bathroom, made the bed, gotten dressed, fed the cats, put some hot water on for hot cider and then it was 8am. 

How I'm feeling:  The back is worse today than it's been in awhile. The headache went away and came back. My hip is out of whack. It's. Always. Something.

How's the weather?  Today was deceptively sunny.  The sun was bright enough that you thought it would be really warm and then on the way to the bank the temperature in the car was 37 - that was at noon. That's colder than normal for us, even for January. I've convinced myself that we aren't going to have my *one big snow* event this Winter so for me the cold is just an inconvenience. However, it is handy for keeping things cold without a refrigerator. I stored my orange juice in the shed overnight... spared me a few trips upstairs for refills. 
What I wore today: black fleece yoga pants, State Farm long sleeve tshirt, thick fleece hoodie, leopard print fuzzy socks and SUNGLASSES

Hairstyle of the day: dirty high bun. Tomorrow will probably be a glam day for me. 

Makeup: none

What I watched today:  This morning I watched a documentary on whether or not Elizabeth I was a killer. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and was known as "the Virgin Queen". It seemed to me there was a lot of crooked stuff in the kingdom back then. I watched a show once about whether or not she was really a man. Apparently there are a lot of theories about her. Then I watched a little Downton Abbey, then my back to backs of How I Met Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy.  And of course, The Five. Not sure what's on tonight. Last night I turned off the tv early and spent more time reading. That may happen again tonight.   

I'm STILL counting down the days until the Olympics. 

What I'm reading:  Steven Tyler biography still. I've downloaded a lot of books into my Nook so I really need to go on a reading binge. I debated about going to the library today and just honestly didn't feel like walking around or carrying anything heavy. I can't go to the library without picking up a heavy load.  

What I ate today:  I had cinnamon toast for breakfast. I forgot about lunch until after 3pm and then I cooked a frozen pizza for lunch/dinner/whatever. I forgot to eat dinner last night. It's a wonder that I can maintain my weight the way I eat. And then I eat two packages of Little Debbies. 

What I drank today:  hot cider, orange juice and then V8 fusion

Where I went today:  I went to the bank. 

What I did today:  I got a new low score on the hard level of sudoku! Six minutes and thirty-two seconds! My previous low time was nine minutes and something.  Too bad there's not a way I could go pro with it. I kick sudoku's butt. 

Visitors to the Hollow:  Sarabeth and Jamie came over after school. Pop picked them up and took them to Chick-fil-a and they came back here to hang out and do homework before going home to get ready for their basketball games tonight. Jamie cracked me up... she licked all of her nuggets so her sister wouldn't take any. Then Sarabeth licked all of hers so that the dogs wouldn't eat them. I had to break the news to her.... those dogs eat poop. They don't care if you put a little spit on something.  By the time they got here my headache was back and my back was out of whack so I didn't visit with them much.  

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  Going to the bank had been on my to-do list for a month so that felt like a big accomplishment.

Thought for the day:  For every situation there's a suitable line from a song.