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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 6, 2014

Greetings from the North Pole (and other lame things about how cold it is)

Cold morning 
Wake up time: I woke up at exactly 7:39 and thought, "wow, I could easily go back to sleep" and so I did. However, I have an OCD kitty who knows that when it's light outside, we get up and when it's dark outside, we go to bed. He was not having any of this "sleeping all day" business. He's gentle but persistent. He went from tapping me on the cheek with a soft paw to diving under the covers and nipping at my toes. I finally got up shortly before 9am. This time he didn't complain when I made the bed. He hates when I make the bed.

How I'm feeling: my nose and my toes are cold, the rest of me is warm. I'm having crazy muscle spasms and had to take an extra dose of muscle relaxers today. That's one of the meds that I usually take less than prescribed so I have room to increase as needed. Actually, all my meds from my pain doctor (except ambien) could be taken in a stronger dose than what I take. I like to leave a little "growing room".  I had another bout of extreme fatigue in mid-afternoon which makes me wonder if I've got some kind of blood sugar thing going on then or if it's just part and parcel of the fun that is my multiple diagnosis.

How's the weather?  Cold. We had snow flurries all morning but nothing of an accumulative nature. I don't think we're going to have a major snow event this year. It looks like we're going to have warmer weather for a bit... lots of rain over the weekend which doesn't bode well for my damp basement or my arthritis. Whatevs.  The temperature started dropping around noon. My parents went into town around one and Lily the old dog came wandering downstairs. As I've mentioned before, Lily can come down the stairs but can't (won't) go up them so we open the back door and tell her to go get Mawmaw. I holler upstairs for someone to open the door for her, watch from downstairs and whoever is upstairs watches from up there and  they sort of guide her home. Since I was the only one home I just walked up with her and I nearly froze to death. I had on warm clothes but what they say about exposed skin is true. This was in bright sunshine in the middle of the day. It's dropped about twenty degrees since then. 
Reflection in my very dirty sliding glass door

What I wore today: long sleeve black tshirt, "grumpy" sweatshirt, black sweatpants, white leopard print fuzzy socks

Hairstyle of the day: low side bun, wild and frizzy. too cold to wash it, don't want to bother styling it.  

Makeup: no. 

What I watched today: a previously recorded documentary (I heart PBS), Grey's Anatomy was back on Lifetime, College Gameday (with Tim Tebow! I heart Timmy!) and will watch the BCS game tonight. My kids are huge Florida State fans so my mom wants Florida State to win. She always pulls for the team that her grandkids like. I'm usually very pro-SEC but I really don't like Auburn enough to want my children to be sad so ... Florida State it is. My oldest is flying to Seattle and may miss the game even though he told his boss he had to be able to see the game. My kids are really hardcore Florida State. 

What I'm reading: The unnamed novel I was reading yesterday turned out just to be a teaser. I get most of my Nook books for free or super cheap. Sometimes they're not really the whole book. That was a disappointment. I started reading a Beth Moore book very, very late last night but it was the kind of reading where it wasn't really sticking so I gave up and played sudoku until I fell asleep. I read on Beth Moore's blog today her reasons for giving away the free books. She's really focusing on bringing people to God more than discipling people who are already Christians. She knew that non-Christians were less likely to pay for her books so she's offering them for free. I love her because she's a very warm, relatable, funny  lady. I also love how she really isn't in ministry for the money, it's truly from her heart. 

What I ate today: breakfast was steel cut oatmeal with raisins and apples. lunch was stuffed shells. dinner was tabbouleh and a piece of cake. I dropped the cake walking down the stairs and spilled hot tea all over me. Not fun. 
Kitties enjoying the sunshine

What I  drank today: hot spiced chai tea

Where I went today: nowhere. 

What I did today:  Watched tv and tried to stay warm

Visitors to the Hollow:  Fat Pat came and picked up Austin. They went into town - Austin wore flipflops. I told Austin it was way, way too cold for flipflops. They came back about an hour later and Austin changed shoes. Austin's spending the night over there tonight. I gave him a warning about how this is the kind of weather that you can't get drunk and fall asleep outside. I know that was a real nagging mother thing to say but this is the thing about Aspergers Syndrome. Some things have to be pointed out. 

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  ... not feeling inspired...

Thought for the day:  Stop listening for a voice and start looking for a verse. He's already spoken. 


barbara said...

Love,love love your thought for the day.