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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cats In The Ceiling And Other Adventures

Wake up time: 7:30 or so. This picture was from yesterday morning. It was raining and foggy when I got up today.  I wasn't awake long before I realized that Little Kitty was in the ceiling. Again. More on that later. 

How I'm feeling:  Sore from trying to get my cat out of the ceiling. Twice. More on that later.

How's the weather?  Rainy/foggy and cool but not cold. It was the kind of damp that gets in your bones. 
What I wore today: my favorite old faded State Farm sweatshirt that I've had for more than ten years with blue jeans while I was out in public and my fuzzy grinch pjs once I got back home. fuzzy green socks over pink betty boop socks. I wore the betty boop socks with my tennis shoes in town and I didn't feel like taking them off when I got home but my toes were too cold without the fuzzy ones on top. 

Hairstyle of the day: It started out straight but got curlier frizzier as the day went on. 

Makeup: a little. didn't help much. need my brows done. 

What I watched today:  We have a "free preview" of HBO and Les Miserables was on today so I watched that. I will forever love the musical but Hugh Jackman's performance was too nasally if you ask me. There was only one episode of Grey's Anatomy on (it's usually two) but it was the one where McSteamy came to town. Austin wants me to watch Life of Pi in a little while but I typically don't like movies he likes and he says this one is GREAT. We'll see. 

What I'm reading: Still Beth Moore's "To Live Is Christ". I do a lot of surfing during the day and typically only read in bed. I need to expand my non-internet reading time. 

What I ate today:  Breakfast was a morning bun and hazelnut latte from Starbucks. The sweet girl working the cash register said, "we still have one cheese danish if you want it". No, I really prefer the morning bun. I used to eat those on my way into work last year in Fayetteville and it's a nice flavor memory for me. I may have done that old woman overshare thing in Starbucks when I told the story of the cat in the ceiling to the barrista. More on that later. Lunch was a granola parfait - granola with strawberries, yogurt and whipped cream. Dinner was skillet potatoes and smoked sausage with cabbage, peppers and squash. Glad that Pop is here to cook for us. This might have been one of those weeks that I would have survived on leftovers or cereal. 

What I drank today: Pomegranate tea, the aforementioned hazelnut latte

Where I went today:  I made a run into town to pick up a prescription and *since I was right across the street from the Starbucks* I had to stop in and make good use of my gift card. I just realized that I still haven't deposited a check and I definitely need to do that to make sure my checking account doesn't end up in the negative. I've done good to stretch as far as I have considering I haven't worked since April.  Looks like I'll have to go to town again tomorrow so I may have to go to Starbucks again. *sigh* 

What I did today:  Little Rotten Kitty figured out a new passageway into the ceiling of the Whine Cellar. Once he gets up there he doesn't know how to get back down. We think his breed is Norwegian Forest Cat - if you look at the wikipedia page on them, there are a lot of characteristics that LK has - specifically the quiet voice. He has the sweetest, softest little meow and hardly ever gets vocal.  

At any rate... he loves being just as high as he can be and he loves exploring the ceiling. We closed off both entrances to the storage space under the stairs. We tied the doors closed under the sink because there was *just enough* space beside the pipes for him to squeeze through. Now he's learned that if he pushes open the door to the storage space with the hot water heater, he can gain access to the ceiling that way. The door doesn't latch well. He got up there this morning. 

Austin was not awake yet and honestly, Little Kitty doesn't like for anyone to hold him except me. If  he sees Austin, he's just going to retreat further into the ceiling.  Last time Austin stood on the ladder so he could reach far into the ceiling and pull him out. It wasn't pretty or gentle. I knew I could do it better. I figured out that if I stand on one of the dining room chairs and push up the ceiling tile and rattle his treat bag, he will come to me. If I move the tile right above the china hutch he can easily step down from the ceiling onto the hutch and I can reach him to take him down easily. It was so easy and non-traumatic for him that he went back up there a second time. Climbing up on anything is not easy or painless for me. I think we have that room blocked off now. 

Visitors to the Hollow: Austin's friend Sean

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  Going to the store was my big adventure for the week, I'm afraid. 

Thought for the day:  When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes within us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves. - Russell M. Nelson

Bonus kitty photos... he's such a nosy little booger... if he wasn't so scared of strangers we could turn him into a little pick-pocket monkey. 

Happy Weekend, y'all!


Back Porch Writer said...

Cute pics of the cat and his curiosity. Funny that he wants to be in the ceiling although not funny for you. I got a lot of gifts as Starbucks so I'll be getting a lot of Frappucino's. I also like the iced teas in the summer. I will probably not use mine very quickly though as there is not a Starbucks in my path. I have to go out of the way to get to one. We have one at Target but you have to park and go in. lol Some of us are too lazy for that! Hope you have a great weekend!