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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Greetings From The Winter Wonderland aka Snotville

There's an Old Wives' Tale here in the South that says if snow is on the ground for three days, it will come back. Well, it's been three days. I know some people are getting cabin fever but I never go anywhere anyways so it's been just same old average everyday for me except with maybe a more picturesque view. We get a lot of sun in our yard so a lot of our snow has melted but across the lake it's still looking like a mountain ski chalet. Love it!

The only thing that really detracts from my snow joy is that I feel awful. I went from sorta feeling sorta congested to being full on lungs stuffed with cotton, nose on constant drip, can't breathe, feeling nauseous and dizzy and having sneezing fits. Austin has the same thing. I'm mouth breathing more which makes me thirsty. I'm drinking so much that I'm going to the bathroom about three times as often (which is normally a lot more than the average human anyways). I have officially changed my whine from "I just want it to snow ONCE this Winter" to "I just want to take one deep breath". The granulomas/scar tissue stuff in my lungs only bothers me when I have respiratory crud so this really takes the quality of life meter down a few notches. Every breath hurts. Every cough hurts worse. I'm not coughing a lot, though, so there's a bright spot.

I'm glad I went to the library before the bad weather started. It's not even that I picked up a literary masterpiece (Melissa Gilbert's autobiography, Prairie Tale, if you were wondering). It's just having something different in my day that has helped. I'm also reading 12 Years A Slave that I got for free for my Nook via the Barnes and Noble website. I read one book during the day and one book at night. I normally spend way too much time online. Even though I do a lot of different things online - games, news, blogs, facebook, etc - holding a book in my hands FEELS like a complete change of scenery. Especially with the change of scenery outside.

Trouble Cat has decided that he must sleep UNDER the covers with me. Not just under the covers but on the side of the bed beside the nightstand. At first I thought he was walking across my book to get my attention the same way he loves to walk across my computer keyboard. Then I noticed that even if the book was on the other side of the bed that he would stand on ME if I was on that side of the bed. Once I move to the other side of the bed, he slithers under the cover and purrs like he was paid to do it. It's really sweet. And I slip further into being single for the rest of my life...

I am excited that the Super Bowl is this weekend. More for the hype and the commercials than for the actual game. The Olympics begin a week from tomorrow. Spring will be here soon. It feels like I'm sort of stuck right now but time is passing and life is going on. Focusing on these points ahead helps keep me from losing my mind. That... and things like snow and cuddly cats and trips to the library.

A few pictures from today... I typed "happy Wednesday" and then realized it's Thursday. So there you go. Happy - whatever day it is. Love and hugs.