My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday the 17th

new pictures on my wall
Wake up time:  Not sure what time it was but at some point last night Little Trouble Kitty stuck his paw into a mug of tea beside my bed and flung tea on me. I woke up thinking the bathtub upstairs had sprung a leak. When I reacted he repeated it... splash, splash, "wake up mommy!".  I went back to sleep. Later, I got up and took a shower, made my bed, dried my hair, etc before glancing at the clock and it was near 8:30 then. I'm trying to cut back on my use of ambien - using it only on the worst days - so my sleeping schedule may get screwed up for a bit. I figure at this point I have more time than money so if I have to sleep late to catch up on sleep... so be it.     

Stubby the 3legged Wondercat

How I'm feeling:  Bad. I did more than I should have today. I'm in sort of a blue mood which always makes pain worse. I just feel... stuck. Like my choices in life are broke or in pain. If I do anything to earn money at this point it will mess up my disability case. And hurt. If I don't do anything I remain broke. It's really discouraging.

How's the weather?  It's been cold and windy today. 
Barbie shelf in my bedroom now
What I wore today: long grey skirt, black long sleeved shirt, blacknd grey striped cardigan, purple and black fuzzy socks

Hairstyle of the day: clean and blow-dried but not really straight

Makeup: none 

What I watched today:  a documentary on Pioneers of Aviation, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, The Five... the usual suspects.... 

What I'm reading:  Been camped out at checking out remodeling projects. Read another REALLY GOOD chapter in Beth Moore's "To Live Is Christ". Still working on Steven Tyler's biography.  

What I ate today:  breakfast was biscuits (2) with butter and blackberry jam, a smoked sausage link. lunch was peanut butter and banana sandwich on homemade cinnamon raisin bread, dinner was rotisserie chicken, jasmine rice and roasted asparagus
Utility shelf in it's place 

What I drank today: green tea with honey & lemon. I've been using this sleepytime tea and it seems to help

Where I went today:  Nowhere 

What I did today:  emptied litter boxes, moved one bookshelf into my bedroom and tried to organize some stuff and spent a long time trying to coax Little Kitty out from under the bed. Little Kitty got choked on something or for some reason was throwing up/foaming at the mouth. It was really scary. He was hiding under the bed so Austin and I had to lure him out to make sure he was ok. Eventually he returned to normal and he seems to be fine now. He's been eating and drinking and exploring as usual. If anything, he's enjoying the new placement of shelves and has been trying to climb as high as he can. He even offered up a rare "meow" to get me to help him up to the top of the bookshelf and another "meow" to help him down. He's the kind of cat that the firemen would have to rescue from a tree if firemen still did that. He loves to climb and then can't figure out how to get down. 

Visitors to the Hollow:  Austin went to hang out with Fat Pat

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  mmmm.... nope. 

Thought for the day:  Every time God delivers us, the point is ultimately to draw us closer to Himself. Whether we get to avoid pain and suffering or we must persevere in the midst of it, our deliverance comes when we're dragged from the enemy of our souls to the heart of God. - Beth Moore, To Live Is Christ