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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Newsday

Wake up time: I got up around 8:30. We had a rough night. Stubby decided he needed to sleep in my bed with me and Little Kitty but Stubby can only get on the bed if I put a chair beside it. (remember, he only has three legs) The chair was too far away so he kept missing and his frustrated meows woke me up. I got him on the bed and got back to sleep and Little Kitty started getting territorial and trying to get Stubby off the bed. I got that disagreement settled and Little Kitty decided he needed to be UNDER the covers. It's like having a newborn sometimes with these cats. When I got up Little Kitty was not quite ready yet.

How I'm feeling: I had that same midday bout of exhaustion and fell asleep for a few minutes but then Lily started whining from upstairs - my parents had gone into town. Later this afternoon I was feeling sort of congested but that eased up. The arthritis in my hands has been flaring today. My left hip and lower back are not feeling great but it's not miserable.

How's the weather? It's pipe-busting weather. My brother and sister-in-law had another break. This is the third time in five years! It's incredibly frustrating for them (and costly) but at least this time my sister-in-law was working from home and the leak was discovered quickly.  The worst of the cold has passed, I think. I only stepped outside long enough today to let the doggies in ... it's cool in the whine cellar but I'm tucked under an electric blanket and dressed warm. My nose is cold. 

What I wore today: Now that I think about it... I'm still wearing what I slept in last night. That's embarrassing. Of course, it's not like I'm doing anything strenuous. 

Hairstyle of the day: side fish-braid

Makeup: no. 

What I watched today: Grey's Anatomy, another episode of Chatsworth House (very much worth watching - it's a reality show about one of those great British Estates, like present day Downton Abbey behind the scenes). The Poisoners Handbook - a documentary on forensic testing

What I'm reading: There's a facebook group for people who grew up in Clayton County (where I grew up) and I've been reading through it over the past two days. There's a lot of great first hand accounts of local history. I find it very interesting. There was one section where people were talking about their favorite teacher and someone mentioned my aunt, who was an elementary school teacher. They said, "I loved Mrs. Peterson at Ash Street Elem. I had her in first grade and was already taller than her then."  Teehee. She is small. 

What I ate today: breakfast an orange and a handful of pretzels. lunch was stuffed shells. dinner was Papa John's pizza 
Trouble looking at Rosalita (in the lower right corner)

What I drank today: hot apple cider and pomegranate tea

Where I went today: Nowhere 

What I did today:  gah. same thing as yesterday pretty much - watched tv, played farmville2, watched doggies, loved on kitties

Visitors to the Hollow:  Rosalita the stray cat has been finding shelter in our shed. I named her Rosalita because she looks just like my mom's cat Rosie who died last year. I can't bring her inside because we don't know what she might have and I can't expose the six animals who already live here. I can't afford to take her to the vet or anything. I felt so bad for her this morning that I stuck a little food out for her. I felt guilty because you NEVER feed a stray cat but I kept thinking about reading in a local news report that for animals food = energy = heat - so to keep an animal warm, you need to make sure they're well fed. Of course, when my parents realized she was out there they put together a little box with blankets for a nest for her. I don't know for sure that she's a her. It might be Rosalino. Rosario. Whatever. 

Sarabeth and Jamie came over this evening while their water was cut off. Pop went and got pizza for everybody for dinner. The girls stayed upstairs playing on Mawmaw's laptops and I mostly stayed downstairs because I don't feel great. Angie came over a little while ago to pick them up.

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  to not get sick or freeze to death, I have one prescription still to pick up this week

Thought for the day:  Whenever I have a problem I sing. Then I realize my voice is worse than my problem. 
Little Kitty hijacking my electric blanket

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


barbara said...

Once again I love your thought for the day.