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My People
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Friday, April 10, 2009

all day Friday

(started at work this morning....)

Friday burnout. Can't focus on work… just want to focus on the weather. We're having crazy storms this morning. My ear is KILLING me… and I'm here at work mostly staring out the big storefront windows watching the skies grow darker and darker. The radio is playing, "She's a bad mamma jamma". What does that mean, exactly? I wish we could get the Christian station here. We can really only pick up two stations - country or oldies. We do the oldies. They also play the Braves games. I missed watching the Braves while I was in Florida. Now I miss watching Sportscenter with Bobby. That kid never developed a healthy appreciation for cartoons - it was always sports. I'm hoping that he and his dad are having a good time together this Easter weekend. I asked if I could send Bobby a basket and Michael asked that I not… so that he can "move on". Funny how the words "move on" translate in my head as "forget you ever existed". How unfair for everyone…. Poor kid has lost too many people in his life… but I guess it's inconvenient for him to remember a step-mother that his father would like to forget.

Did I tell you guys about the worm farmers who came into my office yesterday? This blog sometimes writes itself. Two gay men who are going from interior design to worm farming. This is not a joke. I've never written a farm policy before so I did a bit of research. You can add an endorsement to your farm policy that includes sperm and frozen embryos of animals that you're breeding. I had no idea.

I have a friend who says, "Like I said…" all the time, before every sentence. Even if she hasn't said anything yet. It's a nervous little habit. It's endearing.

There is a girl starting work with us on Monday who has worked for Duane before. She had a chronic illness that is now under control and she is well enough to work full time again. Duane debated over whether or not to rehire her since we're both - as he so delicately put it - "alpha females". I think we'll do fine. I like people with strong personalities. Sometimes too much for my own good - that may be why there's always drama in my life. Come to think of it, though, I really haven't had much drama lately. There are the same stressful things that everyone deals with - trying to pay bills and stay afloat, not having enough time to do everything I want to do, having to work too much and play too little, things that break and kids that don't mind. I don't really consider that drama, though, that's just life. Drama would be having major conflict in your life. I just don't. Maybe it's the meds. Ha!

Anyways… this new/old girl reminds me of my friend Amy at my uncle's office. Strong personality, straightforward, tell it like it is… I'm looking forward to getting to know her. I think we'll have a good time together. I hope so, anyways, I don't know that I have the strength for drama any more. I shared with her a little bit last week about what brought me here. I know that sometimes I seem sort of out of context… all of a sudden I'm this girl with a strange past… at least here… I'm a stranger… I wasn't born and raised here. Everyone who lives here was either born here or has a story of why they came. People don't just "happen by".

Last night while I was waiting with Jim and Angie, the couple I was sitting with tried to tell me about a new restaurant that had just opened up. The guy said, "it's in that place that… so and so's used to be"… and his wife scolded him, "she hasn't been here but just six months… she doesn't know what used to be where". That's part of my problem with directions. Everyone gives directions by landmarks. I don't know enough history to know where stuff was.

There is this guy who walks back and forth in front of our office all day. Kinda weird. I mean - he doesn't just pace or stalk or anything but we're obviously in the path of wherever he is going. At first he used to look in the window but I guess me staring back at him made him uncomfortable so he doesn't look now.

Taco Bell for lunch. Big mistake. It always seems like a good idea - but then I end up dropping something on myself… and I end up feeling icky the rest of the afternoon.

We had pea sized hail for a few minutes. I doubt that it was enough to cause any damage but… you never know. I've done more hail damage claims in the last year than the rest of my time put together. Of course, part of that time was in Florida and the weather is just different there. It's rained all day so far… I keep checking the radar… looks like we'll have a break for the next few hours. The worst of it is over Nashville right now (it's currently 2:10pm eastern).

I've been writing this entry all day. I'm just so worn out by the time I get home in the evening that all my creativity has dissipated. Or never existed? I don't know… all I want to do this week is sleep… I can't even drag myself out of bed in the morning and that's really unusual for me. I am usually up with the chickens. Of course… I'm not going to sleep at 9pm like I used to in Jax either.

I'm home now... 7:16pm... tornado warnings, green sky, hard rain and bad thunderstorms. I imagine that things are going to be a bit busier at work tomorrow than I had anticipated. I have two appointments scheduled back to back, both could take awhile... which means it will be hard to help folks with claims...

This durn cat is glued to me... every time the thunder sounds he jumps out of his fur. Scaredy cat!

I wanted to do some deep introspective post on the meaning of Good Friday but I'm really only doing that surface thinking thing today. I'm feeling peaceful... there's an issue that has been sort of hanging over me but I'm not stressed out about it today... whatever will be... feeling protected and loved... God is good. Gonna hit "save" before I lose internet or power... have a great evening. Love and hugs, y'all!


sober white women said...

Your day has been more exceiting then mine. I worked on quilts most of the day! LOL

Remo said...

Are you sure those guys didn't say they were "shrimping"? LOL

Hang on through the weather, okay?